How to Improve Academic Grades for School Students?

How to Improve Academic Grades for School Students?

How to improve study strategy to enhance academic results? Many parents raise this question in a parents-teachers meeting. Are you one of those struggling candidate who puts immense effort every time? Down below are listed some points that we have collected from students of CBSE schools in Amravati.  They guarantee that these points have shown immense progress after following these points.

Points that help to improve the academic results

Know what you are

It is essential for every student to progress and achieve good academic report every year. But, all students don’t possess the same mind and interest. Your field of interest plays a great role in improving academic results. Forcefully, if you keep holding the textbooks all the time may result adversely. The main aim of education is to clear basics and acquire conceptual studies. An interesting study schedule will keep encouraging you to complete the studies timely and then allow you to spend time after your interest.

Know the syllabus

If you have noticed many students, especially achieving the good academic results are seen stick to the syllabus. The syllabus is a book that tells you about part of the sections that needs to be prepared for the examination. Each term follows the different syllabus. If you properly follow the syllabus and prepare accordingly, you may easily show marked progress in the academic results. You need to be an expert on each syllabus for every subject. Also, record the timings for each assignment, test, and term exams. If any part of the syllabus is unclear, take teachers to help timely and make it clear.

Concentrate while reading

Reading is a regular activity for school students. It is done for improving language fluency, pronunciation, and allows students to understand the topic. But, most of the students just take it as a task forwarded by teachers. Thus, their concentration in reading and understanding the lines is low.

Good reading means when you read aloud any part of the chapter, you need to understand it, mark the lines unclear to you, highlight the important points, and note down the keywords. Many students prepare short notes after reading the chapter in own words that help them to retain the lesson for long.

Attending classes regularly

Regular attendance improves academic results. It keeps you in track and there leaves rarely any pending works. Also, make you sit in front rows rather than hiding you in backbenches. Some classes are purely lecture type. Such lectures include conversation and discussion. You need to participate in such discussions and conversation. It allows you to share your thoughts and add in your knowledge.

Taking notes

Attending regular classes and being active in the class is appreciated. But, you need to add more to score high. Therefore, you need to listen carefully and pen down the notes. The teachers give lectures on many topics. They add additional information and knowledge collected through their experiences and you won’t find this in textbooks. The students pick up these clues and ideas and note it down which adds more numbers in their academic results.

Daily studies and add different ways in it

It is essential for every student to study regularly. This lowers down the burden of covering huge syllabus during the exam period. Next, it is boring often to continue in the same way. Adapt new ways like flash cards, making charts, projects, etc. This way it will interest you and you can study regularly planning own study strategies.

Stay in touch with teachers

Many students are shy and introvert. The teachers even don’t know their names and faces. They are like anonymous in the class. You don’t have to be a teacher’s favorite, but you need to move out from the shade of anonymous. Just greeting good morning every day to teachers holds you in their memory. It is helpful, especially when you ask any help to sort out your queries and doubts in odd hours and before exams.

Get help on time

The class lectures often seem of little help and you still are surrounded by a number of queries. You need to contact teachers and as per their conveyance get the doubts and queries solved. Many CBSE board schools in Amravati provide tutoring to interested students after the schools hours. You can seek required help by attending those classes regularly.

Handwriting improvement

Handwriting is a big issue for many. Unclear handwriting is responsible for losing marks in term exams and board exams. Many schools provide handwriting classes to improve the academic results of the students. The students need to learn good writing skills. This is much helpful in writing essays and framing answers in own language. Copied answers in bookish language impress the examiners a bit lesser.

Participate in extra-curricular activities

Apart from attending regular classes and staying active in all areas, take part in extracurricular activities. Sports, debate, science exhibitions, funfair, annual functions, etc. are the extra activities that help you to improve the academic results. The practical knowledge gained through all these activities is added in your valuable knowledge and information.


Improving academic results is always a constant need for all students including toppers. The above-listed points are experienced by the students. It has immensely brought great progress in academic results. You can strategically follow these listed points and invite the good scores in your report card.

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