How to Learn English Faster

How to Learn English Faster

English as a language has become a symbol of sophistication and intelligence in many parts of the world. Hence, it has become essential for a person to be fluent in the language in order to gain more confidence and to achieve their goals. Amidst the wave of globalisation, the importance of English language has increased to a wide extent. It is the language of trade, diplomacy and tourism as well as the internet. In India English has become a mandatory skill in order to get a good job in any sector. Therefore, here are a few ways to excel at the language in less time and effort.

1. Entertainment:

As we all know, the best way to learn a skill is to have fun while doing it. Watching English movies and listening to English music helps a person grasp the technicalities of the language such as pronunciation faster and better. At first it may feel like you cannot understand a word and everything might sound like gibberish, but with time and preferably with subtitles, you will be able to understand the sentence structures and accent.

2. Reading

Reading is often seen as a boring activity by many but it is still the best way to sharpen your language skills. A person may choose the medium that best suits them as not everyone is attracted by novels and poetry. If you have an interesting in cooking then why not pick up a recipe book in English or if you like fashion then a fashion magazine is a great choice for you. Reading the newspaper is also a great way to improve your language skills and it also adds to your vocabulary.

3. Talking to a native speaker:

Reading and listening are essential parts of learning a language but one must give equal importance to speaking as well. Talking to people who are fluent in English will help you learn quickly and they will also give you instant feedback and tell you when you are wrong. Although, it might be challenging at first but talking to a native English speaker will be immensely beneficial for the new speaker and will help them gain some confidence too.

4. Writing a journal:

Another way of gaining fluency in English is to write to someone or simply record your own progress in the form of a journal. Writing a journal helps in making new sentences and practicing sentence structure. You can also write letters addressed to someone else and imagine different scenarios for it. Always note down new words that you read in the newspaper or a book and try to make up sentences with them in your journal.

5. Try to think in English:

We often think in a particular language which is usually our mother tongue. When we are learning a new language, we often translate or think of a sentence in our mother tongue before we speak it in the other language. However, we must try to avoid this step and should try to think in English so that it comes naturally to us.

Another effective way to learn a language quickly is to log in to that connects you with verified tutors and native speakers who will help you to learn a language online in less time. The online portal helps you customize the classes as per the level you are comfortable with and offers lessons at affordable prices. You can also book a trial lesson with the tutor of your choice before starting your regular lessons. So, choose the methods that work best for you and start learning.

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