Importance of Student Information System in an Educational Institute

Importance of Student Information System in an Educational Institute

Student information system is also known as student management system or student administration system. Basically, it is a management information system for educational organizations to manage student data. It provides capabilities for registering in courses, transcripts, building student schedules, tracking attendance, and managing various other student-related data needs in an organization. All the important and effective things can be carried out with the help of this software. It is a great platform for parents, teachers, management and students.

Student information system is an important web based application. It offers a conducive and structured information exchange environment which is crucial for students, teachers and administration of the organization.

What is the use of such system?

This software helps the educational organizations to supervise various student related activities. Thus, it offers a complete student record system. It is a one stop service for all the administrative student related work.

It supports retention and recruitment of students thus building healthy relationships between the organization and students. It ensures data integrity, security and privacy. This software is a boon to those staff who handles simple and complex processes and procedures in the organization. It is cost effective and convenient for both students and administration.

With this application, it is easy to access data and gives customized data or reports. With health database, it is easy to access the medical information of students in case of emergency. It helps to track individual’s health needs. Thus, it provides a better environment for the students as per their needs.

How it is beneficial to students and parents?

Students can submit their assignments online, projects and homework. Then they are updated with the latest news, announcements and school calendar. Further quick access to the examination time table, marks, reports, grades, book catalogue is also available. They have liberty to publish their articles and reviews. They can directly have interaction with the discussion forums. Thus, interaction with peers and teachers is increased which results overall development.

Student information system is not only helpful to the students and staff members but also to the parents. Online portal enables parents to track necessary information related to their children at any time and any given place. They can track their child’s progress and check assignments.

Parents can get details about various functions, events, holidays, etc through this online portal. Parents are able to get regular updates related to the child’s attendance and progress. Through this software, a track of regular updates, news, images from the institute can also be kept. As a result, active participation of parents in school activities is possible.

With this system, the deserving students can apply for financial aid. This system plays a vital role in tracking and distribution of available funds to the needy students for continuing their education. Also, this system helps in managing placements. It is easy to keep track of all the eligible candidates from the organization for part time and full time services. This system is capable of handling large amounts of data and further this data can be accessed simultaneously by many users.

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