India’s March from Education to Ed Tech

India’s March from Education to Ed Tech

Indian system has been advancing itself regularly. Therefore, education systems have been experiencing regular variations. In India we know that many years ago the Gurukul system was implemented and after then blackboard education came into existence. Ultimately, it is the age of Internet Education. Today, 64% of teachers used tablets for educational websites and 71% of teachers said that school mobile apps are beneficial for teaching. Ed Tech, education and technology, both encouraged innovation and creativity amongst students in sync.

In former times, India was the prime place in medicines and astronomy. Today, it is reaching to the Mars. India reached at this point after passing through various ways.

Gurukul system

We paced the ancient Gurukul system in which students required to live with their guru and undertake all their tasks. In its reward the guru taught them mathematics, astrology and philosophy. Guru passed his maximum knowledge to their followers.

Blackboard education system

When east India Company entered in our country they changed that old education system. Philosophy was not much important for them and that is why they did not put any attention on that. Mathematics and science were their prime concerns. Meanwhile, the wheels of Indian education system were turned rapidly. Then we arrived into the 20th century and age of agriculture and manufacturing based providence were booming. That situation affected education system, but then it was sliding fast and consistently.

Technology system

And ultimately technology entered in our life. We can say it is a revolution because technology reshaped our lifestyle. There are numerous changes came in our lifestyle after arrival of technology so why the education world left backward!! The education system is modified step by step, but environment benefited more by approaching technology. It mutated the meaning of apple and clod for us. And acquiring more internet usage and computer a subject named “computer science” came into existence.

Technology helped students to satisfy their curiosity by experimenting new ideas. Technology is simultaneously useful for teachers also because they got the platform to learn something themselves. Today we see that new and latest ideas are adopted by students and teachers with educational technology. Classrooms are advancing and similar changes are occurring with the teaching techniques. However, some more tactics are needed to implement by using mobiles and laptops.

Currently, schools do not apply technology with respect to education purpose only, but they utilize this strategy in their administration. There are many usages of school mobile apps for management criteria such as to store data, to inform parents for fees deposition and so on.

It is said”it is the needs of an economic system which constructs the education system.”

From all above, it is essential to keep modifying our education system to expand our economy. We need to change in our teaching methods as 21st century is all concern with technology and enhance. We are not going to make future generation just to keep sitting in front of a blackboard and work. It is the age of creativity and innovations that is why students are needed to learn themselves instead of teaching them. Schools should create an environment which in its way is educative. In spite of all, the particular purpose of education technology is learning from the environment and occupying knowledge by eagerly following it.

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