Interesting Facts To Know About Higher Education In The UK

Interesting Facts To Know About Higher Education In The UK

The United Kingdom is one of the favorite education destinations of students all over the world. It is even fascinating for parents in environments like Asia. Students and their parents are usually on the same page in this regard.

If you are one of those Asian students who are aspiring to go to Great Britain for further studies, you need to know some facts about the country’s higher education. After knowing these, you will feel more encouraged and more enlightened regarding the demographics. Now before you move on, make sure you have geared up for the application process by seeking help from a professional educational consultant.

Many reputable professional consultancies are working to guide students regarding admission and visa requirements in developing economies of Asia. You can also get the services of study abroad consultants for gaining maximum awareness regarding the whole procedure. Similarly, these professional education consultants help save the day for students aspiring to study abroad.

This article aims to familiarize you with some facts which will only encourage you further to opt for the UK as your foreign study destination.

Quick facts to know about UK higher education system!

United Kingdom hosts around 140 universities under the umbrella of University United Kingdom (UUK). Most of them are very welcoming towards international students. Students from all backgrounds are known for making it big in the UK’s universities in various disciplines. Some important fact is as follows:

Most international students are Asian

Asians, especially South Asians, are very fond of European countries, especially their colonial parents. This fascination dates back to colonial times. Thus, many students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh opt for higher studies in the UK. India is the second from the top of the countries which send the highest number of students to the UK. China tops the list.

Chinese postgraduate students are more than undergraduate

According to HESA, postgraduate students from China outnumber the undergraduate enrollments from the country by five times. The same is the case for India and Germany. Although very few people bother to opt for postgraduate studies as compared to undergraduate studies, these stats are alarming.

Business is the most popular discipline

Business is considered the easiest discipline in Asian countries. It is a common perception in Asia that only the students that do not get into a good medical or engineering school enroll in business studies as their last resort. But the stats from the UK tell you otherwise. Most of the people who opt for higher studies in the UK have business disciplines as their priority.

Forty percent of STEM Majors are from foreign countries

Since this is the age of Artificial intelligence and Data sciences, aspirants of Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics majors are not going to reduce. In this scenario, most of the STEM majors are from overseas and as well as the teaching faculty members.

Are you feeling motivated to study in the UK?

Now that you have decided to go to the UK for further studies, you must seek professional help regarding application requirements and visa facilitation and pre-departure orientation session. Thus you need services of study abroad consultants for guaranteed assistance in the whole process. You may even get admission without IELTS in some of the universities of UK.

You must be careful all along the way, so you do not waste your opportunities in prestigious UK educational institutions!

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