International Schools v/s National Schools

International Schools v/s National Schools

International schools are regarded quite highly in the educational sector all over the world. They are known to be English-speaking primarily, located in several countries, and have an estimate of more than 3.6 million children under them.

If you are admitting your child to an international school, your child will find a flashing difference in the teaching role. Get online tutors to bring out your child’s true potential. If you are curious to know what the main differences are between the two kinds of institutions, here are some pointers that might be helpful.

  1. In an international school, the curriculum will be different from that of a national curriculum. They instead follow international curriculums, like the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), International Baccalaureate, or International Primary Curriculum (IPC).
  2. Most of the international schools make use of English as their language of communication. Though, it is quite likely that most children in the school might speak this language as a third or second language. In order to support these children to motivate them to learn, the teachers will adapt however necessary. Most of these schools are in search of such teachers who are equipped with such skills necessary for entertaining the needs of EASL students. This makes the learning experience more comforting for the child. If you are planning on joining online tuitions, try it to cultivate your skills.
  3. The teaching faculty comprises of more than 346,000 staff members in international schools. They all come from different parts of the world, like US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, or the UK. This enhances the cultural diversity of the school and allows exposure to different opportunities and skills which may be lacking in national schools.
  4. International schools are also experimenting with newer ways and models to help kids and their parents feel better. Going to an international school is a matter of repute and having name tags for kids is one of the best ways to let the world know you are visiting the best international school. Many parents are status-conscious and name tags can be a great way to not only satisfy the parents, but also build marketing and promotion for the school itself.
  5. International schools focus on building the character of students. They want their students to establish themselves in the world rather than just the national level. The teaching style is quite different in international schools where a lot of focus in given to developing communications skills, empathy, and logical reasoning.
  6. After graduating from an international school, there are bound to be several career options available for the student in different parts of the country. Even during college admissions, people desire international students because they are so well versed in everything.

As a student there are so many advantages of studying in an international school. But even from a teacher’s perspective, it has a huge role to play. The pay is extremely good in international schools as compared to national schools for qualified teachers. They also receive great promotion opportunities including positions in senior and middle leadership positions. They have so much exposure by having colleagues from different parts of the world. Each and everybody have something to contribute to this educational community.

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