International Student Spouse Visa

International Student Spouse Visa

Canada is one of the top countries in attracting thousands of students from around the world every year.The students come to Canada to complete their dream of getting a Canadian education.Many of them are married who leave their family in their home country.

Luckily, international students can bring their families with them to Canada. The government of Canada allows the spouse and their dependent children to attend the studentin Canada. This is possible with an international student spouse visa.

The spouse can also work in Canada for full-time to support their living. Indeed, it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone thinking to study in Canada, post graduate work permit and having the family alongside. Let’s take a depth look at what else it includes.

International Student Spouse Visa

The spouse of an international student can come to Canada as a temporary resident with a visitor visa. The visitor visa for the spouse is valid until the student’s study period. Unlike other immigration programs, the spouse visa doesn’t require an IELTS score.

The study permit is a kind of temporary resident permit. It means the holder of the visa must satisfy the visa officer that he/she will leave Canada when the permit expires.

Similarly, the spouse visitor visa is also a temporary resident permit. It means the spouse will get all the facilities as a temporary resident. Some visa-exempt do not need a TRV. They can come to Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Eligibility Criteria

Being a spouse of an international student, you can get a spouse visitor visa only if;

  • You satisfy the visa officer that you’ll leave Canada whenthe validity expires.
  • You provide financial solvency for the duration of your stay.
  • You are not a threat to the security system of Canada.
  • You don’t have any criminal record.
  • You are in good health.

When to apply for a spouse visitor visa?

Generally, you can apply for a study permit and spouse visitor visa at a time. The immigration officer finally decides on visa approval. That being said, it is not safe to apply for both together.

If you apply for a study permit along with the family member, the officer often rejects the application. They suspect that the applicant may not leave Canada at the end of their stay. This affects the decision of the visa officer, whether to issue the visa or not.

This is why it is better to apply separately. It means the student should apply for a study permit without the application for their family members. Later, the student can amend the application by requesting approval for the spouse.

Work Permit for Spouse

The student is restricted from working freely on-campus or off-campus. There also has a time restriction for the study permit holder. Conversely, the spouse can get an open work permit to work full-time.

The spouse can work in any job under any employer in Canada. In some fields, the spouse can get a restriction, such as; health-related services, preschools, etc. The spouse may have to pass medical tests to be able to work on such sectors.

Moreover, to get an open work permit, the spouse doesn’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and a job offer. The rules are somewhat simple for an open work permit.

Who is eligible?

The spouse of an international student is eligible for an open work permit. But, the international student should have a valid study permit for a full-time study program.

When to apply?

The spouse can apply for an open work permit before or after coming to Canada. Except for a few exceptional cases, the visa officer issue an open work permit along with the study permit. Here, you may need to pay some additional fees for getting the permit.

Also, some applicant applies for an open work permit after arriving in Canada. The spouse who doesn’t need a Temporary Resident Visa can apply for an open work permit at the port of entry.


An international student is welcome to bring their spouse along with them in Canada. With an international student spouse visa, the spouse of an international student can come and stay in Canada. The Canadian government ensures that they get the best Canadian experience.

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