Current Young Generation has no Idea of An Offline World

Current Young Generation has no Idea of An Offline World

Internet became very popular nearly at the end of the nineties. That is why, adults are unfamiliar with an online world, with compare to children and that makes them” digital stranger”. While children are “digital inhabitant” who get digital track from the moment they enter the world.

Many children show more technical knowledge than their parents, which makes them daunt at that time.

We here find why it is so.

According to the survey, around 56% parents get technical advice from their children.

And according to one research, 50% Parents are qualified to provide e-safety knowledge at home.

So as a result, it is obvious that we dearth awareness and knowledge regarding risks our children are taking online.

How many times do you discuss with your children about their online activities so you are incompetent to assess your children’s online perspectives and activities?

Now it is bygone that just only one common computer in the living room. Today, a wide range of digital devices is available in the market, so it is more difficult for us to keep an eye over the children. Since 2011, the maximum digital device sales have been for three-four years old.

Now, we need to be talking and taking an interest in our children’s online activities regularly so we come to understand what they like and do every day. If we take more interest in their online activities, they realize that we understand them and come to us for help in any difficulty. Furthermore, we also can be able to recognize if children taking online risks and do not identify them. If your children will be grown –up, it will be more difficult for you to integrate with them so start when they are young.

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