Is It Possible to Qualify NEET Exam With The Help of Apps

Is It Possible to Qualify NEET Exam With The Help of Apps

Which is the best 6 Apps for NEET Exam Preparation?? NEET Exam is tough right??

What are the chances of an average student clearing NEET??

In NEET 2021, around 15 lakhs students appeared and from those 8 lakhs were qualified. Now in 2022, around 18 to 20 lakhs are expected from which only 20% to 30 % seriously prepare for NEET. 10-20% stay focused throughout their preparation and get admission to their dream college. It means that the competition is increasing. Students appearing for the NEET exam should be smarter.

After the pandemic everyone was shifted to digital mode, as a result, classroom teaching was shifted to e-learning. In response to more demand for digital mode, many learning platforms are offering free access to their services. With the digital learning from a 10-year-old student to a 50-year person know how to look for the information and how to take advantage of e-learning

Students who are enough mature who know how to prepare can opt for digital learning. They will not get distracted and know how to practice and what are the important points to study. Also, the ones who are living in the village area, not having a proper institute can go for online learning.

Learning from digital mode will cost the students less as compared to classroom learning.

Well, joining NEET Coaching Institute or learning through digital media, both has its pros and cons, after reading this article you can get a clear idea about studying through various apps.

1. Vedantu: – Vedantu is an Indian Interactive Online tutoring platform where expert teachers provide tuitions to students. Live and recorded classes, provides pdf of notes and NEET previous year question papers. Lectures are friendly and energetic. They always motivate their students. On this app, tests are conducted during their video lectures so that you don’t cheat by using your notes or google. They also offer Comprehensive Tutoring Programs. The main advantage of e-learning is you can attend class at your convenience and schedule.

2. Byju’s NEET app: – The learning app provides various NEET exam previous year question papers, also study notes designed by top experts of medical institutions in India. This app contains Special modules that cover all difficult topics. It also provides mock tests and question papers for each chapter. The benefit of this app is that it provides a study report of every student. The app itself analysis the student’s paper pattern and suggest you work on weaker sections.

The best part of this app is that it is online mode and you can attend as per your convenience and schedule, also your doubts are cleared by India’s top expert. The teachers help their students by making notes and highlighting important points. Byju’s NEET app assigns you a mentor for clearing your doubts.

3. Aakash app for NEET: – The covid pandemic locked everyone in their home, but it could not stop millions of students from preparing for their DREAM. When everyone was facing a crisis, students continued their preparation for NEET with the help of Aakash’s Stay home and study online plan.

This apps also tells the student’s performance and provides them with all the study keys, mock tests, previous year question papers. According to the experts, the Aakash NEET app is the best way to prepare for NEET 2022 and get the best results.

BYJU”S, the country’s largest online learning platform has acquired a 33-year-old brick ad mortal coaching Institute. Aakash educational services for nearly $940 million in a cash and stock deal. This partnership brings together two of the largest and most trusted educational platforms together, with Aakash’s expertise in the test prep segment with byju’s content and tech capabilities.

4. Unacademy NEET App: – Hard work, patience, and Discipline towards your study are the most important for the NEET exam. If you are planning self-study then Unacademy is the best online learning app. Without joining unacademy plus and only attending the online sessions of experts cracking NEET would be difficult. But by taking the subscription of unacademy plus, there are various experts for each subject like bio, chemistry, and physics. It is a good sign of scoring a good rank.

The best feature is that you can attend the lectures at your convenience, and if by chance you join late or miss any lecture then you will be able to watch the recording of missed topics. Covering all the backlogs of all the subjects on your own will get difficult, hence I suggest taking a subscription ASAP and starting preparing.

5. Darwin app: – Darwin is an innovative online app that helps students in their preparation from end to end. NEET exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams and thus you can’t ignore the weaker sections.

Darwin app helps you to solve questions from each topic. Apart from ground breaking analytics, it boosts the largest question bank of 55 to 60 thousand+ MCQs for the NEET exam. These apps also provide previous year question papers from the various medical exams.

By solving these questions gives you the confidence to ace the exam before the final day. The most loved app by the NEET topper’s Darwin certainly gives you the edge among your competitors.

6. NEET exam Preparation App: – During the lockdown period many students were going through tough times and struggling with the preparation of NEET. This app provides notes of each and every topic with MCQ’s which will make you easy for your studies. The best thing about this app is that they have given chapter-wise previous year question paper in pdf form. For example, in a chapter named ‘STRUCTURE OF ATOM,’ you can simply download all its previous year question papers in pdf form along with an explanation. Especially for those who are unable to manage their time due to work.

Other resources for NEET preparation: –

  1. YouTube- YouTube has free courses provided by various channels like unacademy, khan sir, Career point, topper Etc.
  2. Online study notes- Different websites provide free study notes in the form of pdf students can easily download pdf from those websites.
  3. Practice questions: – for more practice various websites provide free MCQs and mock tests.Conclusion: – Strictly following the timetable for your upcoming exam will help you to maintain synchronization with the syllabus. Don’t ever ignore the NCERT around 70% of the questions are covered from that. When it comes to NEET preparation skipping topics will not be a good decision, so do not leave a single topic from the NCERT syllabus. Give priority to those weaker topics and make them stronger.

Happy Learning

Author by: – Manasi B

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