Five Categories of Jobs Abroad Available to U.S. Citizens

Five Categories of Jobs Abroad Available to U.S. Citizens

If you are a U.S. citizen who has developed an interest in working abroad, you are far from alone. In this day and age, a notable number of men and women from the United States are entertaining the idea of working and living abroad.

There are a variety of issues that you need to bear in mind when it comes to considering the prospect for employment in another country. With this understood, there are five primary categories of jobs for which you may consider seeking employment in a foreign country.

U.S. Government

The U.S. Departments of State and Defense are two major governmental agencies that hire U.S. citizens to work in different locations abroad. The Foreign Service branch of the Department of State hires U.S. citizens to work in a number of settings abroad. These include positions of employment in embassies and consulates located in different countries around the world.

You do need to keep in mind that there can be some fairly stringent requirements when it comes to employment with the Defense and State Departments. For example, before a person can apply for many of the positions with U.S. Foreign Service, that individual needs to pass successfully the foreign service exam. Some positions of employment with these agencies necessitate a person obtaining a certain level of security clearance.

Other U.S. governmental agencies that employ U.S. citizens and station them abroad include the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Commerce. In some instances, these two agencies may have less stringent requirements to get into a position of employment initially.

Although not a paid position of employment, many people join the Peace Corps as a means of opening the door to future opportunities abroad. The Peace Corps usually requires a two-year commitment. In addition to being a good avenue through which to identify potential employment opportunities abroad, spending time in the Peace Corps can be a highly gratifying experience.

U.S. Businesses Abroad

U.S. businesses of all types operate in a myriad of foreign countries. A U.S. company with foreign operations can provide you a basis upon which you can find a job in another country.

Oftentimes, a U.S. company with foreign operations will send a person already in its employ in the United States to take a position in some foreign country. As a result, if you are interested in taking a job with an American venture in a foreign country, you may need to commence your employment with the business in the United States first.

Foreign Business

At first blush, you may think that foreign businesses would be eager to hire an English speaking person from the United States. There certainly is value in a foreign company hiring a person well versed in the English language. Having said that, many non-U.S. citizens actually master English as a second language.

While there are opportunities available for U.S. citizens in some foreign businesses. However, there are limitations in this regard because of the laws on the books in some countries. These laws tend to require a business to demonstrate why a citizen of the country where the business is located cannot be found for a position of employment before a person from another country, including the United States, can be hired.


The demand for English-speaking educators is significant. What is interesting about teaching positions abroad is that if you are an English speaker, you do not necessarily need to be able to speak any other language. There is a high demand for people to English speakers to teach adults and young people the English language in numerous countries the world over. Oftentimes, these types of positions are ideal for recent college graduates.

Take care when you seek a teaching position in a foreign country via the internet. You need to make certain that you connect with a reliable organization involved in placing English-speaking teachers.

Non-Governmental Organizations or NGOs

A final general area in which you might consider seeking employment abroad is for a non-governmental organization or NGO. NGOs come in many different derivations. They include everything from the United Nations to the Red Cross. Other examples of NGOs for which you may be able to seek employment opportunities include UNICEF, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Health Organization.

The employment and other needs of these different organizations vary significantly, depending on the activities they perform and their missions, and employment opportunities may be limited. By contacting NGOs individual, you will be able to ascertain their existing and future employment needs.

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