The Internet May Have Drawback Still Can Be A Child’s Best Device For Learning

The Internet May Have Drawback Still Can Be A Child’s Best Device For Learning

As a parent, it is crucial to keep the computer to for their children use, in a convenient place in the home, where everyone can see what they are bringing in. This idea motives children to be open and parents also keep an eye on their online activities. It becomes usual and they cheerfully accept that parents are interested in what they do and talk regarding it regularly.

When asked to teenagers what they thought about this concept, the reply was,” it is a good concept as it makes them feel safe because their parents always know what they are doing.”

Generally, most problems occur when children or parents any one of them being uncommunicative. So I completely agree with this perception that when children access the internet at large, openly visible screens in safe, center of the home or classroom, the internet can be their most advantageous companion. With the help of internet, children can communicate with people anywhere across the world. Hence, if such intercommunication is in a safe, public space with larger screens and clear audio then its effects can be powerful

It is observed that children themselves can learn most learning, using the internet. Those Children, who get the internet from such safe, self-organized learning environments, achieve greatly over those who do not. They learn to read quicker and better, they gain self-confidence and maintain what they have researched for much longer than that achieved through traditional learning method.

It is a myth among people that computers make children, solitary and anti-social. Computers do not do this kind of thing, but we adults do, by providing internet availability to children in their room with small equipments. We ask for difficulties and we get it. So place your computer in the drawing room from where you can observe constantly on your child and then allow your children what they like to do with it. If there is no privacy, there will no fear about mischief.

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