10 Things You Should Know About Student Visa Subclass 500

10 Things You Should Know About Student Visa Subclass 500

The student visa subclass visa allows the students to participate in an eligible study course in Australia. The applicants can travel out and in of Australia. As the course starts, the student could work for near about 40 hours every 14 day period.

1.How long the Applicant Could Stay with Student Visa Subclass 500:

This is considered a visa for a temporary type of studying in Australia for 5 years. The course length and types would determine the stay length. Children of primary school for years 1 to 4 could only be provided a subclass 500 visa for 2 years maximum.

2.Stay Longer

To continue the process of study in Australia, the applicant must apply for a new form of student visa. If the expiry of student visa takes place before the completion of graduation then the student is considered to be eligible for a subclass 600 visa, it is known as a visitor visa. The student requires a letter from the provider of education with the graduation date. If the student holds a student visa and finishes a particular qualification in Australia in the last 180 days then the student might be eligible for a subclass 485 visa, it is also known as a temporary graduate visa. If the student comprised of engineering graduates from an institution of recognized type, then he might be eligible for the subclass 476 visa, it is also known as Skilled Recognition Graduate visa. If the student wants to live there for another reason then the student must apply for a new form visa as per the circumstances.

3.Include members of the family

The student could include members of the family at the time of the lodging application of a visa. For visas of a student, the member of the family is:

  • Partner

  • A dependent child or partner who is not married and below 18 years of age

The applicants must declare his/her member of a family in the application of student visa even if they do not visit Australia with the applicant. If the applicant failed to do so then his/her members of the family would not be eligible for a visa of student for joining the student in Australia. The members of the family could apply subsequent entrant. Members of the family applying for the visa must fulfill the requirements for character and health.


The cost of a visa is 575 Australian dollars for the main type of applicant unless the visa is exempted. There also exists an additional charge for each member of the family for visa application. Another cost is also applicable like health checks cost, biometrics, and certificates of police.

or you can hire any registered migration agent perth or any other consultant as per your confort level.

5. Apply from

The applicant could be outside or inside Australia at the time of application of visa.

6.Packaged courses

The applicant requires providing COE (confirmation of enrolment) for every course. The last course taken by the student as a course part is considered as the main study course. The main study course is used for determining the skills of English and the student would provide financial background. If the student’s application of visa comprised of packaged courses, then the gaps, of course, must be below 2 months unless the initial course completed at the end of the academic year and the other courses must initiate at the starting of the academic year.

7.Time of processing

  • Defense sector or foreign affairs

      ¾ of the application in 18 days

      9/10 of the application in 24 days

  • Research or Postgraduate sector

       ¾ of the application in 71 days

      9/10 of the application in 150 days

  • A sector of No award

       ¾ of the application in 48 days

       9/10 of the application in 64 days

  • A sector of independent ELICOS

       ¾ of the application in 32 days

       9/10 of the application in 60 days

  • Training sector and Vocational Education

      ¾ of the application in 62 days

      9/10 of the application in 71 days

  • A sector of higher education

      ¾ of the application in 53 days

      9/10 of the application in 66 days

The application could take a longer time for processing:

  • If the form is incorrectly filled

  • If the applicant does not produce entire documents needed

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    If it longer time regarding the verification of the applicant

If correct charges of application of visas are not paid then the application would not be processed. The applicants would get notification regarding this matter.


The applicant and his/her member of the family must fulfill the entire conditions of the visa and follows the laws of Australia.

9.Travelsubclass 485 visa

The applicants could travel out of Australia several times as per the requirement of an applicant but the visa must be valid. The time spends by the applicant outside Australia would not be considered for extending a visa.

10.Label of visa

Visa and the passport would digitally be connected.

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