School Management Software: A New Method for Efficient School Management

School Management Software: A New Method for Efficient School Management

Going online is a need today. If I want to search anything, before asking anyone else, I prefer asking Google. So, schools also went online. Their philosophy, their duties & values could be reflected if their online existence is improved. To manage and maintain the healthy environment for learning and to communicate with community, administrators, children, workforce & lecturers a hefty online presence is required.

School portals, now days, allow the stakeholders to see and respond to the necessary information & can interact if they are available remotely. It gives you facility to manage all the school processes like, admission in school, attendance & assignments of class, timetable etc. from the desktop & mobile applications.

The website designed for School management software is highly user friendly for lecturers, administrators, children & parents. It has got a variety of features & functions. It is designed dedicatedly for schools only. Following are 10 methods by which by which online prominence of schools on web can be increased:

  1. Personalization of website: The website’s visual aspect is important. Because that is the first thing which any visitor will see. It gives a strong impression to the people like, students, guardians and workforce who access it frequently. Information like attendance, timetable, different events, reports etc. is accessible from any remote or near location. Design of the website should be such so that the visitor can find a connection between them & the organization.
  2. Online Applications for admissions: Admission department’s availability on website makes it easier for parents to apply for admission in school from any remote location very comfortably.
  3. Timetable: Pupil now has easy access to any updates made in the timetable whether it is daily or weekly.
  4. Assignments: Faculties upload assignments or notes or any other files on website. So gone are days when we used to rush for writing the homework first. Students can reach the given assignments, complete them & submit them online. It makes the evaluation process simple and hence students can view the marks and comments on their assignment.
  5. Assessments/Tests: With the evolution of this web culture, the exams & tests have now crossed the boundaries. They are not limited up to paper–pen. Evaluation is done by quizzes, assignments, paper publishing and what not. It has made the school eco friendly because of less paper consumption & school can store track record of any student from class 1st to 12th.
  6. Discussion Forum: Discussion has also become online. Students can discuss their syllabus & performances on discussions panels online. What is does is that, it keeps the privacy of the students. Result is, students are opening up more to their guides and solving more & more problems. Such healthy environment is perfect for the overall development of students.
  7. Blogs: Publishing the content online is boon. Various other students & faculties can get benefitted by your writings or the content you shared. Students even get reviews on this.
  8. Social Media: Social media is a great platform when comes about sharing & spreading the information & ideas. It has got a wide reach which is very beneficial.
  9. Search Engine-friendliness: Search engine optimization is very important. The website must be compatible with all the online available browsers.
  10. Security: Security is the important attribute which must be taken care of. The content & identity of the publisher must be confidential.

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