Learning to Code Develop and Apply Android Applications to Cater to Various Intents and Purposes

Learning to Code Develop and Apply Android Applications to Cater to Various Intents and Purposes

In today’s world, one’s online existence is counted as their physical existence. For this virtual world all the businesses are projected to the world in the form of online apps from where people can buy, sell, search, learn and compare. Such an option offers ease of convenience, easy of access and most importantly, ease of usage.
With the digital era, there is a noticeable increase in the viewers screen time, and therefore, the need for app development has just spiked up since the last 10 years and it still seems to be growing rapidly faster than ever before, especially from the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, (when the businesses were forced to make their presence online.)

Up goes the growth curve

It must be noted that this kind of demand for Android applications came out of the sheer flexibility and usability that the Android ecosystem offers, not to forget the number of users using the platform. This wide range of applicability has arisen due to frequent updation, ease of use and also the pocket-friendly, budget mobile phones such an Operating system runs on.
Not only is app development growing in popularity, but learning how to develop these apps online is also picking up steam. There are plenty of courses available online which teach android application development. They also have a wide range of specific courses available in this domain itself, from the beginners to the intermediate level.
Courses can be done from various platforms and have different ranges of price as well. They also provide credits and certification for a few courses. Typically there are two types of sessions, recorded and live. Recorded lectures can be accessed anytime but have a disadvantage of no doubt sessions. Live lectures are usually conducted by the professionals in real time and the students have the benefit of a question answer session.


Each aspect of creating applications entails a unique set of skills. Medium to difficult level courses even require prerequisites such as data structures like arrays, linked lists, etc. and how to use those to get availed. To develop an android app you have to code in Object-Oriented Programming Languages such as Java and Kotlin. One has to learn any of these languages to communicate with android studio and make an application.
Even Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts such as Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism should be known. If this base is strong then one can accomplish their goal of developing a good app.
Furthermore, these courses aren’t just taken by software engineers but people from all the divisions of engineering delve into web development as it’s a helpful skill set which creates a diversified resume.

Developing the code

In countries like India, app development is a new arena and people are moving towards learning through Online Android App Development Course India. In the past year itself there have been significantly more new apps which have been created in India. There is very high demand for such products, due to which many companies outsource such jobs to app development firms which develop, test and deploy such applications in order to suit the client’s needs. This lucrative option has also led to the generation of many application development firms to that end, as well as their growth.

This same growth has been exponential and hopefully will continue to be accelerating the same way.

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