LSAT Examination- Shaping Your Legal Career

LSAT Examination- Shaping Your Legal Career

Lawmaking shapes the nation. It can either make it or break it. As time changes, so do the nation. Such a situation calls legal activities which fit into the current framework. It is the truth that what worked well yesterday may not work well today. LSAT Examination Constant improvements are a sign of growth and development. The opportunities in law are not only limited in India, but there are many opportunities abroad as well. In law, students’ logical ability, analytical reasoning and various other sections are examined.

Law School Admission Test or LSAT test is a legal entrance test. This examination act as a launchpad for all those who wish to take the law admission in India as well as abroad in countries such as the USA, Canada and more. Its score opens many opportunities for the students. ABA-accredited law schools accept this examination score.

This year witnessed an unexpected reality, COVID 19. Due to that, LSAT was remotely proctored in online mode.

What is the structure of the LSAT examination?

This examination is conducted in two parts. The first one is the aptitude test which includes study section such as Reading Comprehension, Reasoning and writing. These sections are designed in such a way that a person’s ability is recognised both in aptitude as well as the understanding of the law. Consider the Reading section, for instance. There are many legal cases, contracts which revolves simply around reading. This section is densely equipped with such mock situations. Students are supposed to go through them thoroughly and brainstorm the best possible solution towards it.

Similarly, students are assessed based on their understanding of rules and regulations. The questions revolve around such cases. Critical reasoning is yet another critical element of legal studies. The logical section is comprehensively designed to assess the critical thinking of the students.

The second section is essay writing. Law is all about tackling the situation with utmost clarity and intelligence. There are no particular criteria of “Right” and “Wrong” in this section. Based on their writing section, the persuasive skills of the student is thoroughly assessed. The admission panel closely assesses the language, clarity of thought, organisations skills and more.

How to take LSAT examination?

The LSAT exam, India, is conducted in a flexible format. Students can take the writing test eight days before the MCQ examination. The writing copies of everyone will be sent to all the schools one applies for.

Eligibility Criteria for LSAT India

To participate in LSAT exam India, candidates must fulfil the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the officials. Only then people will be allowed to participate in the selection process.

Kindly note that law is an intensive course. Yes, students who get through the LSAT examination will be offered numbers of opportunity in this field. However, one must be driven and keen to explore the depths of this subject. It will become monotonous and mechanical otherwise.

Career Opportunities

There is an ample number of opportunities available after pursuing legal studies through a law course. Graduates can take up the practice of litigation, legal practitioners, consultants. There is no fixed domain, where the professional will get the chance to work.

Every industry today seeks legal guidance, so graduates will get an excellent chance to explore their capabilities in this domain.

“We need more and more people who practice law with razor-sharp minds and genuine heart. Only then will true progress happen.”

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