Scope Of Growth With A Mechanical Engineering Degree

Scope Of Growth With A Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical engineering has always been one of the most prominent fields of engineering- there is no denying the fact. Even the girls now express interest in this form of engineering. Earlier, it used to be a boy’s thing and a lot of memes were created on mechanical engineers. But now the situation has completely shifted and it has emerged as a sector with vast scope in various branches.

There are various factors that have increased the scope in mechanical engineering. This is the age of IR 4.0 (Industrial Revolution) and government has also been promoting the manufacturing with the schemes like ‘Make in India’.

If you buy a mobile phone from Samsung India, “Made in India” has been engraved on the box. Moreover, every now and when, the new cars have been launched by the automobile companies. It shows how manufacturing units and automobile sector has improvised the field of mechanical engineering with a lot more opportunities.

Let’s discuss further the scope once you are done with B.Tech in ME:-

The new-age B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering comprises of the learning of emerging technologies, transforming the mechanical engineering completely. Let’s know about these trending technologies.


The study of robotics is the perfect blend of mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. It’s an interdisciplinary subject of engineering and the students learn to design and upgrade the robots along with specialized systems to regulate them. With the rise of AI, Robotics has developed a craze among the students. It has also emerged as a growing technology with a sea of opportunities.


Mechantronic is an inseparable part of mechanical engineering study. It also, being an interdisciplinary branch of engineering, combines information technology and electrical engineering. The mechantronics engineers are mostly entrusted for developing complex engineering devices and system. They also have the skills to assist in automation processes.

Current & Anticipated Job Market Size for Mechanical Engineers

As per the credible survey findings, In India, a mechanical engineer starts at an average salary of INR 3.4 LPA. The salary may differ as per your skills and the college where have you studied mechanical engineering. A sound knowledge of robotics and mechantronics might be a help to start with a much better package. The initial package is not as lucrative as it’s in computer science engineering, but the mechanical engineers have more scope for growth and future-proof career options.

As far as the anticipated growth in mechanical engineering is concerned, the industry is expected to grow manifold in India by 2020. Currently, our nation is standing at 11th position in terms of progress in the realm of mechanical engineering, globally. By 2020, we are strongly expected to occupy the 5th spot.

The above-discussion says it loudly that the mechanical engineering is here to stay in a much firmer way. The scope with this interesting field of engineering is endless. If you are seeking mechanical engineering course in B.Tech, then your choice is perfect. You just need to be careful while choosing an engineering college where you can nurture great knowledge and command over different topics of mechanical engineering.

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