More About GRE Test – Detailed Overview Know With Imfs

More About GRE Test – Detailed Overview Know With Imfs

The GRE is one of the vital steps in a graduate school application procedure. The Graduate Record Examinations is a computer-based, multiple-choice, exam often needed for admission to the graduate programs worldwide. The GRE scores are generally accepted by over 1200 business & other graduate schools within 94 countries that include the US. There are many GRE Coaching in Mumbai you may join and improve your preparations: 

  • There are 2 modes for the GRE General Test: Paper-based and Computer-based
  • The GRE scores can be used by many business schools to evaluate a candidate’s ability
  • The students take this GRE test for getting accepted in the masters, law, business graduate, doctoral, or fellowship programs
  • GRE Subject Tests will be held on paper three times in a year & assess ability of a student in the specific field
  • The exam pattern of GRE ensures fairness & overall assessment of the candidates to pursue a business program efficiently
  • The GRE exam Scores are valid up to 5 years
  • The subject test is accessible in Chemistry, Biology, and Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

What’s on the GRE exam?

The Graduate Record Examination measures your control of the basic algebra, arithmetic, data analysis and geometry and college-level vocabulary. Quite importantly, the exam measures your skill to evaluate and analyze the written material, solve problems and think critically. Make sure you join the most trusted GRE institute in Mumbai and get a good score. 

What’re the different GRE sections?

The GRE exam offers 3 scores:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing

The scores will be generated by following sections:

  1. Verbal Reasoning sections
  2. Quantitative Reasoning sections
  3. Analytical Writing Assessment section

Additionally, you can see the following sections: 

  • Research (for ETS)
  • Unscored (can be Verbal Reasoning/Quantitative Reasoning)

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections are both scored on the scale of 130 – 170. The Verbal Reasoning mean score is 151, and Quantitative Reasoning mean score is 153. And the Analytical Writing Assessment will be scored from 0 – 6 in the half-point increments & score is 4.0.

It is important to submit your GRE scores when applying for different graduate fellowships. Thus, taking the GRE exam not just improves your odds of getting the admission, but pursuing higher studies at the cheaper rate. IMFS is one of the most trusted and best GRE institute in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and other cities of India 

Other benefits of the GRE exam are:

  • With the GRE exam, candidates will decide which scores they want to share with their prospective schools
  • GRE is an only test with features, which allow skipping questions, changing answers, and flexibility of answering questions at any particular order
  • GRE offers graduate schools & faculties a measure to compare candidates’ from various academic backgrounds

Why take the GRE exam?

As GRE is the most widely accepted test for the graduate school & professional school admissions across the world, why one must take this test with help of GRE Coaching in Mumbai – to prove their skill and improve their odds of getting the admission to the most desired programs & universities.

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