Most Popular HRM Dissertation Examples of Harvard Citation Style

Most Popular HRM Dissertation Examples of Harvard Citation Style

 HRM is Human Resource Management which means management of the employees in an organization. This department is set up to gain the maximum advantage and increase the performance of the employees. If you are a management student then you may be asked to write a dissertation on human resource management of a company. Writing a dissertation requires to follow certain citation format and references format you can take such management dissertation topics in which you are interested. In this article, we will discuss the various citation and referencing styles used in HRM dissertation.

Harvard citation style

  • Citation between text –  in the dissertation when a student writes exactly the word to word phrases or quotes of a certain author then he needs to put the name of the author after the completion of the phrase or quote. This shows that the student has taken the information from a particular source. It is necessary while writing a dissertation to do citations because not giving credit to the respective authors can mark your dissertation with a plague. Students can either directly write the statement or can paraphrase it. Some students think that after paraphrasing in the statement of the previous authors there is no need to put citation. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a student does. The moto of the citation is not giving the credit for the statement but giving the credit for the idea that the statement of the author holds.
  • References – this comes after the completion of the dissertation. This is also an important part of the dissertation in which student is required to state the sources from which they have taken the data. This list is also known as the reference list. Students need to provide all the detail of the source from where he has taken the data. By all details I mean the real name of the author and the name of the book is required in the reference. Proper referencing is necessary as it provides that the content is original and authentic. Students can take the dissertation reference help.
  • Format – there is a certain format of citation writing and reference writing. It is not possible to write all the details of the source as it will be too lengthy and the reader will not be able to understand.  Students can prepare the notes and the sources from which he has taken the data and can check it after putting all the citations and references in the dissertation. There are three kinds of formats in Harvard style for article, book, and website. First of all the students are required to write the name of the author, then the year of publishing, then the title of the source, name of the city name of the publisher. These are all required in the Harvard reference style.


 It is important to know the various citation style while writing the dissertation in Human Resource Management. A student can take an MBA dissertation help to know more details about the Harvard citation style.

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