Moving to The UK For Your Studies? Here are Some Tips to Help You Move

Moving to The UK For Your Studies? Here are Some Tips to Help You Move

As an international student, we understand that moving to a different country for your studies must be exciting but nerve-racking at the same time. There is so much to take into consideration such as tuition fees, bank accounts, visas, and especially the student accommodation that will be your home for the next few years. Best Student Halls is here to help you; consequently, here are a few tips to help make things easier.

Funding Your Degree, Sorting Your Living Money Out and Visa Arrangements

Starting university and moving is the first big step towards your independence, which also means sorting your money and bills. Thankfully Best Student Halls offer student accommodation UK with utility bills included, making things easier for you. You will of course have to sort out your spending and traveling money, nevertheless, we are here to help you and if you need to talk to someone, our on-site teams will be available 24/7.

Funding your degree should be the first thing to do. To begin with, you will need to provide documentation to prove that you can cover your study costs along with your living expenses for your student visa to get approved. If you are a European student, you are eligible for Student Finance; this means that the cost of your tuition fees will be covered by a loan, which you’ll have to pay back in the future. Unfortunately, students from outside of the EU are not eligible for the loan, however international students do have other options, for example, education loans or exchange programs.

International students have to make sure to apply for the correct visa. The visas vary depending on the country you are from and also depend on the length of your stay. If you are from the European Union, you will not need to apply for one. However, if you are from a country that is out of the EU then you will need to apply for a visa to study in the UK. At some universities there is staff to help students with their visas, just ask them for help.

Sort Your Student Accommodation.

Student Accommodation

As an international student, student accommodation is one of the most important things to consider, Best Student Halls will make sure that it will be your home away from home. There are many options when choosing your student accommodation in UK, depending on the student room type you would like, your budget, and length of stay. Student halls offer different rooms depending on what you like, you can be self-catered and have access to a shared kitchen so you can cook for yourself and friends, or choose a studio room with your kitchen. At Best Student Halls you can find affordable, luxury, and modern options in central locations and near universities, a top tip that we would suggest is to maybe pay a bit more to get your own en-suite. We offer a variety of rooms, which come fully equipped, plenty of storage and with many facilities such as game rooms, laundry rooms, bike storage, and gyms. Our student rooms are all-inclusive which covers all the bills so you don’t have to worry about them. Our Best Student Halls team will always answer your calls and emails, we are going to be here to listen and advise you.

Are You Ready for British Life?

British people welcome students from all around the world. England has a very diverse culture and history all around for you to learn. So do not worry about feeling out of place, you will meet a lot of international students in the same situation as you. You will also find student groups at the university you will be attending, which will listen if you have any thoughts or doubts about anything. British weather is not the hottest, as you might know, however, we do have lovely warm summers but cold and wet winters. Do not forget to pack appropriate clothing; nevertheless, the high streets of cities have well-known shops and brands for you to shop for lots. Be ready to be invited to drink a cup of tea and fish and chips, both very British traditions!

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