What is the nature and scope of English language in India

What is the nature and scope of English language in India

There is no doubt that if you want to succeed personally and professionally in India then you need fluent in English Language and thus it is critical that you improve your English by taking English Speaking Course on Phone.

This is the nature and scope of English in India: –


In India even today English is considered the language of the classes. If you want to be counted in the gentry then it is critical and important that you speak in English fluently.

Your status is in direct proportion to the fluency of your English. If you speak well in English then people will respect you and they will put you on a high pedestal. Definitely you get an edge if you are able to speak in fluent English.


English also improves your status and more and more people start respecting you. You are considered well off and well educated if you are able to speak in Fluent English. Thus if you want to improve your social status then you should learn and be able to speak in English fluently. You can also join an English Speaking course so as to improve your English fluency and get the advantage of enhanced status and become popular within your social group as well.

Definitely you get the winning edge if you are able to speak well in English.


Professionally if you are fluent in English then you get faster promotions and higher salary hike. Also English helps you professionally as today business is global and English is a global language and if you are fluent in English then you will be able to converse with foreign clients with ease and this will help you succeed professionally in your job and also in your public relations.

Also if you go for an interview and you are fluent in English then you will get the winning edge in comparison to other candidates who are not so fluent in English.


English will help you in your personal life as well. It will help you make good quality friends and also become popular in your social group. Also your friends will always look up to you and ask your advice on all matters as you with your excellent command over the English language will appear to be knowledgeable and mature as compared to others in your group.

Also you will be able to succeed in your relationships and will be able to maintain good friends and also romantic relationships as well.


Also when you are trying to tie the knot and marry, English plays a very important role in helping you get a good spouse with good education and background.

The better your English the better life partner you will get and thus it is critical that you take English speaking classes so that you get a good life partner with whom you can communicate openly and fully so that both of you are on the same page and there are no issues which come up between the two of you because of the lack of fluent and proper communication.


Finally, if you want success in life then you have to be fluent in English. Be it personally or professionally to succeed you need good and fluent English and thus you should definitely go for an English speaking course to improve your personal and professional life and achieve fame and fortune

Thus to succeed in life you should master the English language and see how it changes and transforms your personal and professional life into a grand success.

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