Online Education is the Future of Higher Education

Online Education is the Future of Higher Education

After the Pandemic hit India, the education sector implemented a lot of new plans and work effective ideas. The students were asked to attend classes through an online platform which helped them save time and work even after the tough times. Students at every level of education, from pre-K to graduate and professional levels, use one or the other means of technology to enrich their learning abilities. Among these technology advancements in online education has gained momentum with the availability of several technology companies and various government initiatives making inroads into our education system. India has been struggling to get a cost-effective way of spreading education. All the schools shifted to platforms as google meet, teams, zoom and so on which turned out as a time-saving measure. Teachers used applications like google classroom for submission for assignments and keeping a track of attendance. Every detail and curriculum laid down by various managements was followed effectively.

As time passes by, we all are aware of the fact that Indian education needs an instant watch. Even today some people are not getting enough resources to study and thus they are away from development. In light of distance learning and problems faced by universities and schools, online education can be the future of higher education. Measuring pros and cons, many courses can now be attended from any part of the world which helps a student to gain experience and learn about the subjects very clearly. Connecting teachers from around the globe, cultural differences, and language problems, all can be sorted with time and efficient efforts.

Allows Flexibility

Online courses give students/learners freedom of choosing a time of their own. Students can study and work at their convenience. Course material is always accessible online, and it is unnecessary to make special library trips. All of these benefits help students balance work and family commitments with their education. It gives them a chance to work and gain experience. Helping in time management leaves the students with ample time to engage themselves in self-grooming activities. Having a common agenda between the student and teacher can also prompt both parties to accept new responsibilities and have more autonomy.

Wide range of programs

With connections all over the world, it helps a child to pick up from a wide range of options. Courses and schools, offer admission online and present it as a part of distance learning. Transportation is no longer a problem and this is helpful for a child to enhance his abilities. From sociology courses from Harvard to engineering courses from Yale, everything is accessible via the internet. Making this a lot easier, education has prior a priority for many helping them to groom themselves.

Customized Learning Experience

Giving students the experience to choose and learn whatever they wish to, an online mode of learning also allows a child to customize it on its own for what he/she needs. Many universities have made ‘simple notes’ accessible to students and they upload the lectures online for a student to revise and learn as it is convenient to them. This helps the child to focus more efficiently and learning becomes easy.

Negatives Of Online Education

In traditional classrooms, teachers can give students immediate face-to-face feedback. This helps to solve the problem immediately which allows a student to focus on the next topic and waste no time. When doubts aren’t resolved immediately a child loses interest and starts to take it as a burden.

Students have taken it for granted and some of them do not work as they should. Many students are not taking enough pain to study what is being taught and are not concerned about the career. This slows the growth which in turn helps no development. Lack of tools to keep a check on the child results in cheating during exams. The surety that things are being carried out with full honesty, fails. Thus, the management is not okay with carrying out online examinations. Also, causing social isolation and lack of physical movement, students might end up facing mental and physical problems. One needs to understand that humans are social animals and they need interaction, online classes limit the meetings and at times it also impacts the mental well being of a child. Depression, stress, and anxiety have been at peak among teenagers due to online classes with increased pressure and no time to relax and play.

As seen, nothing comes easy. Both pros and cons are to be thought about and then moved forwards. Yet, I believe online education might be with the future of higher education but only after effective measures are taken to make it work. The government will have to put in a lot of effort for the children’s mental growth.

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