Online Medical Entry Test Preparation is An Option Now

Online Medical Entry Test Preparation is An Option Now

When technology leads you in every field why not education then?

Three decades earlier the whole world became a global village and now it is even smaller. Where everyone has smartphones and laptops nothing in the universe is hidden from you nor difficult to know anything. In the era of technology and science where man conquered moon and mars and looking forward to other planets, where robots are doing surgical operations, and the world is travelling in autonomous cars as well, it does not just seem but confirm that technology overtakes humans in every field. Everything is a few clicks away from you now. So, when machines and technology taking care of humans in every aspect, it is time to move on a bit forward in educational departmental also.

The government of Pakistan set criteria of admission test for all universities including dental & medical colleges and engineering universities.

Academies and institutes provide good facilities for preparing students from past many years but found not sufficient enough. When thousands of students set on the merit than how come to few hundreds clear the entry test? There were found many flaws in academic teaching methods. Crowded classrooms, non-professional teachers, heavy fees, odd timings and so many other things which make them not convenient anymore for students.

One who dreamed about making its future bright in the medical field and try hard by preparing itself throughout in matriculation and intermediate exams and score high but unfortunately didn’t clear its admission test than whose fault it is? He/she was on merit, intelligent and capable enough to be a good doctor but now not eligible to set foot in any medical or dental college as a student. Do you know the reason?

The reason is an inappropriate method of teaching. Every year flyers distributed by numerous academies to join them because the last year topper of MDCAT or ECAT was our student and this is our skill and experience which made him the winner. Well, excuse me! Where were your skills and experience for the rest of hundreds you stuff in your tiny classrooms? Didn’t they pay you your demanded heavy fee? Didn’t they tie up by your odd and strict timing for months? Why don’t they top the exam? Forget about top positions why don’t they even clear their exam? The answer is, it was just your luck that you had the one who has actual ability to clear the entry test because his/her concepts were already clear.

Academies or online entry test preparation? Which is a better option?

Which is better you think? One with years of experience and one which actually works. Yes, it is actually right what you read. Years of experience didn’t work in reality as you can see the results of the rest of thousands of students. As we discuss earlier there are many flaws in the academic system. Some are bearable while on some no one want to do compromise at all but in early times people don’t have the option that is why they adjust with all these problems. What are the issues?

Well, the problems are messy classrooms, odd timings of academies, heavy fee, lack of experience, and last but not least the point by which teacher start its lecture by saying “As you know, as you read before, as you learnt earlier, as your teacher told you.” This is not going to work at all. A student who scores high in her/his intermediate examination is not dumb at all. The student knows what he/she was taught earlier the reason he/she joins you is to make its concepts clear rather to revising words they just learnt earlier in their institutes. This is one of the main reasons for updating the current educational system.

If you are the one who is in favour of academies let me ask you one thing that how you going to manage MDCAT preparation with such problems? If you are from a small town where you don’t have any well-known academy who prepare students for MDCAT/ECAT won’t you move to the larger city having the facility of best coaching centre and institutes for entry test preparation? Surely you would and it does not seem like you have any problem with finding accommodation for a living and spending thousands on it, travelling for hours towards your academy, spending a lot for healthy food, and adjusting yourself in a new atmosphere in new people.

And fighting and struggling with all these issues when you enter in a crowded class and adjust yourself somewhere in humans your teacher shows up with your previous textbook in hand and the first word you hear from your teacher is “As you guys learned.” And now you realise you commit a serious mistake. On the other hand preparation by online entry test system is way better than academics.

Online entry test preparation for engineering and medical colleges

Online preparation for MDCAT/ECAT and further entry tests are a quite reliable and worthy option nowadays. Why not it to be? It is way economical rather to academies, you can save your energy and time by not to travel towards the academy, you can study anywhere anytime you want, no one going to judge you at all by your any miss-conception and flaw. Plus there are so many other benefits with which you can benefit like, past papers, MCQ’s, notes, online 24/7 assistance, video lectures, mock exams and so many other things.

Which is the best online MDCAT/ECAT preparation institute?

There are many online institutes providing their facilities to the students for appearing in MDCAT/ECAT exams, some of them are free while some have the fee as per their efficiency and quality. There are,,,,,, and who facilitate students by their premium services of online preparation of MDCAT/ECAT and further entry tests of different universities.

Comparatively, they all are way better than academies but when it comes to the best people want even perfect from them. provide its services free but this website is not so much friendly, it is so messy and difficult to handle though it provides past papers and easy notes but still hard to deal with it. is a friendly site but it just offers mock tests nothing else. is easy to handle with video lectures, past papers, quick review notes and 24/7 assistance but it is paid.,,, and also serve students with a bit the same content. They all are free but on every site, something is missing.

By my personal point of view, I really like and appreciate because of so many reasons. It is paid but not that much high as academies rob and con you. 2ndly it has all those facilities which academies don’t have. Video lectures of expert and well-known professors from across the country.

Quick review notes, MCQ’s and mock tests along with past papers and assistance of an expert and reliable helpline. This is really what we call assistance by technology. In short, we can say surely online preparation for MDCAT/ECAT and other entry tests is way better than academies and is better among all its rivals.

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