Give your Future a Strong Foundation with a Post Graduate in Business Analytics Program

Give your Future a Strong Foundation with a Post Graduate in Business Analytics Program

Business Analytics is an emerging market with excellent growth potential. Certified professionals in the domain enjoy exciting career opportunities and high salary packages. The author has shared an overview of the industry, along with course and career prospects.

Have you noticed the frenzy over business analytics? It is the new favorite term of the businesses that has taken the world by storm. Thousands of jobs are created worldwide and qualified professionals are promised exponential career growth. According to Glassdoor, which is an online job portal, BA tops their list of the 25 best jobs worldwide. Even Harvard Review has declared it the sexiest job of the 21st century. So, what it is all about? And, how can you become an analyst and enjoy great career growth?

Business Analytics is an emerging industry with strong growth indication

Consequent to rapid technological modernisation and digitization, companies now have more data than they can process. Big data is an in-thing but companies don’t know how to take advantage of the huge amount of data to out-think and out-perform competitors. Analytics, if applied successfully, can offer crucial insight to businesses in forming understanding about the market, optimising their current plans, and preparing for the future with clear insight. The demand for data-driven business decisions is therefore increasing in every sector and with it, there is a rise in demand for qualified professionals.

Here are some interesting ideas which will help you form a clear picture about the emerging sector.

  • IoT or Internet of Things will remain the trend and is expected to reach $300 billion annually by 2020 with a CAGR of 28.5%.

  • By 2025 the market will cross $16 billion which is 8x of its current volume.

  • Currently global smartphone and computer users produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily.

  • The market will register significant growth by 2023. The global data market will grow at the rate of 30.8 percent CAGR through 2023 to generate a revenue of $77.64 billion.

  • There are over 600 analytical companies in India. The Indian market is predicted to have excellent growth opportunities and to become a data science hotbed in the future.

  • Analytical professionals have registered higher median salary than other sectors.

Finally the era of big data has arrived. We need to prepare ourselves to grab the opportunity and make the most out of it. A comprehensive course, well thought out and future focused, is you key to developing practical understanding and skills on analytics. You’ll develop strategic and high-level understanding on Big Data Analysis to push your business to success.

Post graduate in Business Analytics: Course, scopes and career

Who is it for?

As a graduate you can enrol for a 2 years post graduate in Business Analytics program. If you like numbers then BA and Data Science is an excellent choice for you. You can enrol for a BA course irrespective of your educational background. It is a general misconception that you need prior knowledge in programming for a course in analytics because the course generally covers all the basics and help developing advanced knowledge in Machine Learning.

Eligibility for the course is graduation in 10+2+3 years model. And, to enrol for the PGDM program you will have to qualify in the common management entrance tests like MAT, CAT, GMAT etc. Apart from that, some b-schools conduct internal aptitude tests and interviews before final selection of candidates. Before signing up for admission check out the admission process of the college and prepare yourself accordingly.

Career options after a course in BA

There are several career opportunities available after successful completion of the course. You can explore career opportunities as,

  • Data Analyst

  • Business Analyst

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Manager

  • Data Scientist

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analysis Competency Manager

  • Business Architect

You can explore endless career growth opportunities in each of the above profiles. As a fresher you can expect a package of 6 lacs p.a. and within 4-5 years time can reach to an earning potential of 50 lac.

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