Powerful ways to Improve Your Body Language

Powerful ways to Improve Your Body Language

Communication” a two-way process wherein there is a sender and a receiver. Sender conveys the message and the receiver receives and understands the message conveyed by the receiver. While communicating our verbal communication is complemented majorly by the non-verbal communication and it includes body language.

Communication can be effective only if your actions matches your words and if you are not able to share your message to receiver than you have to take an Online English speaking course.

What is non-verbal communication?

Many scholarly researches reveal that while speaking our verbal or the words that we use are only 25 percent but the non-verbal communication is 75 percent.

Non-verbal communication comprises of our gestures, postures, hand movements, eye movements and facial expressions. In nutshell, our overall body language is the nonverbal communication that we use while conversing to make our verbal communication effective.

Body language plays a major role in defining our overall personality. Nowadays in this era of massive competition it is very important to focus on our body language and find ways to improve it day by day.

By following a few effective tips body language can be made impressive: –

  • “Smile it costs you nothing”

If a person wishes to create an everlasting impression on someone it is very important to wear a genuine smile on their face. Whether it is a professional or a personal forum spread positivity by means of a smile.

  • “Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be”

To create an impact on the listeners it is very important to have the required eye contact with them. Half of the battle is won by the speaker if he or she gets success in grabbing the attention of the receiver or the listener by means of a proper eye contact.

  • “Face the mirror of the mind”

The kind of expressions comes on one’s face while speaking reveals the actual meaning of the words coming out from their mouth. It is very important that facial expressions should go hand in hand with the words which are spoken, else the message can be misunderstood. For an effective body language, it is very important to focus on the expressions coming on face while speaking to make them more effective.

  • “Actions speaks louder than words”

Gestures, postures, hand movements, facial expressions act as complimentary to each other while speaking, as each of them has a major role to play to make our body language effective.

So, it is very important to focus on the overall body language to create an    everlasting impact on others.

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