Prepare For The TOEFL Test in A Right Way Proven Tips To Help You

Prepare For The TOEFL Test in A Right Way  Proven Tips To Help You

The TOEFL test will measure the English skills of the candidates just by testing out their reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities.

It might feel a bit terrifying initially, and that is perfectly fine. It is natural to feel overwhelmed or nervous. But there is good news: it is one highly useful test.

With the proven strategies, you can prepare for the TOEFL test successfully, and take it up with complete confidence and pass as an expert.

Important To Check the TOEFL Test Format

TOEFL Classes in Mumbai. Once you visit the website, you will find the TOEFL course, which includes video lessons, practise questions, study schedules as well as support from qualified teachers. It is one amazing resource to know how the TOEFL test works or how you can get a high rank.

Understand the Primary TOEFL content

Doesn’t matter which TOEFL format you choose, TOEFL always has 3 parts: reading, writing and listening. Even Internet-based TOEFL includes the speaking section.

Internet-based TOEFL Test

It looks like:

  • Listening section of 60 to 90 min | 34 to 51 questions
  • Reading section of 60 to 80 min | 36 to 56 questions
  • Speaking section of 20 min | around 6 tasks
  • Writing section of 50 min | maybe 2 essays
  • Short break of 10 min

Paper-Based TOEFL Test

It looks like:

  • Writing section of 25 min | around 40 questions
  • Listening section of 30 to 40 min | around 50 questions
  • TWE test of 30 min | write 1 essay
  • Reading section of 55 minutes | around 50 questions

You can decide which TOEFL format you wish to take. Important to note nowadays this test is generally taken via Internet. Paper-based TOEFL test is lesser popular.

Reasons Of You Taking TOEFL Test

Over 9,000 universities, colleges, institutions and agencies accept and need TOEFL test in more than 130 countries. So, before preparing, it is very important to understand your reasons to take this test.

For instance, you are taking this test:

  • To check your English level with the official exam
  • For immigration requirement
  • For a job or course
  • Apply to any university or college

Ensure you know the reasons for you taking the TOEFL test. After that, you may use this information for helping you to better focus on your study and preparation time.

Have Mind the Minimum Score

Different goals need different minimum scores. So, make sure you are aware about the minimum score that you will require to reach the goal. After that, select what score you want to get. It is your preferred score.

Note down your ideal and minimum scores on a paper or Post-it note, or put it where you can see daily. So, whenever you look on that paper, you will remember to reach your ideal goal.

Ensure your score is realistic. It means to select that score that you can likely receive and not the score that is very high. To achieve your score, take the practice test and figure out where you are.


You do not need to do it all alone. You can ask support from the peers (students) or teachers or you can enroll in the TOEFL Classes in Pune.

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