A Guide on Preparing General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

A Guide on Preparing General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

You cannot deny the importance of general knowledge in our lives or for a candidate who is preparing for competitive exams like MBA entrance exams or various services exams in private and public sectors etc. Most of the companies in the public sector consider much importance to GK in their question papers while many schools and colleges conduct the GK quiz for increasing knowledge in students so that they could prepare for competitive exams. But the question is, how we can increase our GK for competitive exams?

How to Increase GK for Competitive Exams?

If you are aspiring for top colleges in the country or any government exams and want to know how to prepare for RAS 2018, then it is obvious that you are paying attention to increase your knowledge in current affairs and GK topics. Any competitive exam contains 25% of the paper for GK based questions. So, how we can increase our GK knowledge? 

Here are some general knowledge preparation tips to crack any competitive exam. Let’s have a look:

  1. Read Newspaper Daily: Developing a habit of reading newspaper on daily basis will be a great idea to boost your general knowledge section. Even, you should read more than one paper like one paper of your mother language and other of English or anything else. It will be easier for you to develop GK by keeping an eye on happenings around the world. Some useful newspapers are – Time of India, The Hindu or The Telegraph, etc.
  2. Watch Daily News Channels: By watching TV just for fun will not increase your GK. You have to be more specific and develop the habit of watching news channels. You can make a list of your favorite and best news channels and find a suitable time for yourself to watch them. By watching these regularly will prepare you for the entrance exam. Some of the best news channels are ABP News, NDTV, Times Now or Zee News, etc.
  3. Makes Notes For GK: To prepare for current affairs and GK, writing notes is the best way. You can consider RAS exam study material or can keep a notebook with you and whenever you get any new information, just write it down. It is a good way to remember the information faster. You can write about happenings in the world or anything else that seems important to you for memorizing for exams. 
  4. Go Online To Find Latest Updates: There is a wide range of websites and apps are available online that contain essential and latest GK information & facts. You can install them or go to the websites. You can also watch videos of lecturers on YouTube or take the help of Google and Wikipedia to find any information like current affairs. You can take part in online forums or join online groups of current affairs. 
  5. Read Magazines and Books: You can also have access to a wide range of various general knowledge books and magazines from the market. They are always a good option to get some knowledge quickly and effectively. You can consider the major publications that focus on present happenings and common information. You can buy them from a regional journal supplier and study thoroughly. Some of the popular competitive exam preparation magazines are Pratiyogita Drapan and Manorma etc.

Final Words

RAS course material is the one-stop solution for preparing for any competitive exam. General knowledge not only enables students to qualify the exam with great marks but also plays a huge role in performing well at the time of group discussion or interview round. So, follow these tips and incorporate them into your daily life.

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