All You Need To Know About the Question Pattern Of Primary Level AEIS Examination

All You Need To Know About the Question Pattern Of Primary Level AEIS Examination

Students who migrate to Singapore with their parents need to pass the AEIS examination to get admitted in any school in Singapore. AEIS or Admission Exercise for International Students is an entrance examination conducted by Singapore Education Ministry or MOE every year. It is mainly held for primary level and secondary level students.

So, if you have migrated to Singapore with your child and want them to get admission in any local school, you need to prepare your child for the AEIS examination. Every year this exam is conducted in September or October. If a child passes this examination, they can get admission in any school of their choice in the new session which starts in January of the next year.

The examination is conducted on two subjects – mathematics and English. The education ministry of Singapore aims to assess the numerical ability, knowledge of English and logical thinking to check if the child can enter the mainstream of Singapore education system or not.

Every year, students from different standards appear and clear the AEIS examination. If your child is eligible for studying in any standard of the primary level and you have migrated to Singapore with your child, you need to help your child get prepared for the AEIS examination. A good score will help them to get a higher chance of admission in your preferred institution.


The examination has two subjects- English and mathematics. The question pattern differs slightly for different standards at the primary level.

English test pattern for primary level 2-3

The paper is a multiple choice based question and has a total of 34 questions in it. A student gets one hour to solve this paper.

It contains a comprehension section which includes two passages and six questions from the given texts.

The next part is the comprehension section. Here are also two passages and ten questions are asked from it.

There are five questions from each section of vocabulary and grammar.

Eight items are asked from the spelling section.

English question pattern for primary level standard 4 to 5

For these levels, the question becomes a little tougher. The paper has two parts. The first part has two topics, and an examinee needs to write a 100-word composition on any two of the given topics.

The second part contains 50 MCQs. There are ten questions from the comprehension section and 12 from a comprehensive cloze article. Besides that, there are 14 questions each from vocabulary and grammar.

Mathematics question pattern form level 2-3

The mathematics question paper is divided into parts.

A student gets thirty minutes to solve 34 MCQs.

The second part has 34 short answer type questions, and an examinee gets 80 minutes to solve them.

Mathematics question for level 4 to 5

This paper also contains two parts

The first part has 36 MCQs. A student needs to solve all these questions in forty minutes. The second part has short answer type questions. There are a total of fourteen questions and among these 12 questions are open-ended. A student gets 1 hour and 40 minutes to solve this section. For primary level 4th and 5th standard, your child may get better results with guidance from any math tutor Singapore.

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