Role of Civil Engineers in Making of ‘New India’

Role of Civil Engineers in Making of ‘New India’

Infrastructural development has a pivotal role in defining ‘New India’, which is on the path of progress in vivid aspects. ‘Statue of Unity’- the tallest sculpture in the world depicts our excellence in terms of advancement in the field of civil engineering. Not only this monument, but also the development of roads, bridges, flyovers, and other buildings has been in progress at a rapid pace. Moreover, the government schemes like ‘Smart Cities Mission’ and other have transformed civil engineering into a burgeoning sector.

In such a context, the demand for civil engineers has been on ever high in different public & private companies. Hence, B.Tech in Civil Engineering, one of the oldest streams of engineering, witnesses most number of applicants each year. All the reputed engineering colleges and university mandatorily offer engineering program in civil engineering so that the new-age civil engineers can be prepared.

Let’s discuss how civil engineers contribute to making of new India:-

Through ‘Smart Cities Mission’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ on 25th June 2015. Under this scheme, 100 cities of the nation were designated, which are to be transformed into smart cities. It simply means the scope for construction work will grow in leaps and bounds and it’s possible only by employing the qualified civil engineers. Hence, civil engineers are contributing to shaping up the ‘New India’.

Through Automation in Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering has been revolutionized by automation techniques, which can be commonly seen at different construction sites. Nowadays, the construction tasks are performed with ore precision in less time employing minimal workforce. The new-age civil engineers adapted the automation equipment in a very short time. Not only did it save the cost, but also propelled the speed of construction tasks remarkably.

Through Public Works

Roads, bridges, flyovers, etc. define at what pace a country is progressing. In the past 5-6 years, there have been so many road and other construction projects have been delivered within the deadline. Even, the work on running projects is on progress at a very good pace. The major factor in successful execution of such projects is the agility and competence of civil engineers in our country. It’s the sheer hard work and suppleness of the civil engineers that India have been transforming into a ‘New India’ like never before.

Final Words

A seminar held at a UGC approved university in Jaipur was addressed by the eminent civil engineering faculty and the industry experts. According to them, even after the rumors that automation is eating up the jobs of civil engineers, students have full faith in this stream of engineering. It’s seriously a misconception that automation is reducing the scope in civil engineering; in fact, it has made the job of civil engineers more productive. It’s a future-proof career option, which is not going to affect in the coming decades. It will grow at a never-like before pace since the government policies are also favorable for the field of civil engineering now.

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