Enactment of Technology in Schools

Enactment of Technology in Schools

Technology makes students active in their study and it is vital that prospective generation learns how to live with it. Educational institutions can use them to improve themselves as per the developing world. They can promote online FCMS (fee collection management service) and presents a communication platform for teacher, students and parents.

School Mobile Apps

Fundamental factors

  • Growing number of 3G users in India fosters internet usage
  • Growing number of smart phone users encourage mobile app operation
  • Parents promote latest technology in school
  • Education Technology is more effective than traditional technology
  • Push declaration via SMS

Teaching field has always been experimenting with modification in the world. It is mean by that they upgrade with new syllabus from every 4-5 years. But now it is the time to change for a technology. Below are analysis why adopting technology in schools.

1. Acquainted with school apps and e-payment service

Number of average internet user in increasing day by day. That is why it is simple for management to make administration smooth and interesting. Organization of data and its storage issue will shrink. Furthermore, it is trouble-free for managers to send notification related fees because of this system. It is more convenient and reliable than traditional system in which require long queues and lines.


2. Digital classrooms for students

It is researched that classrooms utilize technology are more effective than those who do not follow or less follow technology. Mobile apps and computers carry brightness, innovations and inspiration at the same time. It is a visible teaching manner which more effective than traditional proved by science.

3. School mobile apps are handy to communicate with parents

School mobile apps are useful for interaction between teachers and parents. Moreover, various numbers of apps guide parents with ward’s activities in school.

4. Apt notification sending

Using technology, school staff can easily convey messages via SMS regarding fee deposition, their ward’s current issues and other school activities. Studies says that number of users OTT messaging services are increased as compared to traditional messaging system

Report from various school describe that more parents are using mobile apps to interact with their child’s school activity. Because of all these reasons we can say “Technology reduces the communication gap between school teachers and parents

5. Green technology is economical

It is good to change with green technology. Future proof technology absorbs less light and equipments, on-line books and solar energy which will turn into saving money. So we can call it, is cost-effective too. As per report, US schools save approximately $100,000annually.

In summary, it is definitely said that implementation of technology in schools is a good approach.

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