How Schools can Save Rs. 1, 25,000 Per Year in Communications Expenses?

How Schools can Save Rs. 1, 25,000 Per Year in Communications Expenses?

Educational institutes have to incur expenditure all through the year round on notifications, pamphlets and other material which is required to communicate to the parents. These all things measure a big amount that can be saved by using branded Educational Mobile App.


The following are key factors how an educational institute saved Rs.125000 per year in communication costs.

  1. Charge occurring on SMS – While communicating through SMS with parents, following amount have to spend by the school. Cost of SMS will be like, 1000students *10 SMS per month* 10months*INR 0.15 per SMS= INR 15000.
  2. Costs of time – Every minute, which is wasted by school administrators in preparing circulars and supervising as well as printing and other processes included. The loss of productive work that could be spent in generating revenue for the school. That is why by using the recyclable templates rendered by mobile app, the school saves almost RS.20000.
  3. Amounts spend on circulars and notes – There is another expenditure spent on printing circulars and notices. That is, 1000students*10 circulars per month*10 months *INR 0.50 per month =INR 50000.
  4. Repetitious queries – Moreover, a lot of money spent on dealing with a number of parents and their repetitive queries. If you calculate this time and efforts made on all these things, it costs around INR 40000.
  5. Inclusive all things expenditure – When we evaluate all these, it costs, Rs. 15,000+50,000+20,000+40,000=1, 25,000. This money is saved in terms of paper. That is why if you adopt school mobile apps, you can save stationery cost, printing cost as well as overhead expenses.

How ORATARO helps you?

The ORATARO is a very well-known cloud based platform to acquire school mobile apps. It assists you to enhance your school teaching level. Moreover, it offers you good apps to save your school’ unnecessary expenses.

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