A Secret Strategy to Prepare for NEET 2020 – An Ultimate Guide

A Secret Strategy to Prepare for NEET 2020 – An Ultimate Guide

NEET, or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is an annually conducted examination taken up by students post 12th grade. This examination is held for students who aspire to study undergraduate medical or dental courses. It is a national level examination conducted by the National Testing Agency.

What does NEET entail?

The examination is a highly competitive and intensive examination, with the number of students taking it growing by the year. The exam comprises of 180 questions from the subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany; carrying a total of 720 marks. The examination consists of intermediate level questions based on 11th and 12th-grade portions of these four subjects, under the CBSE board.

With the growing numbers, coaching classes and hard work will not be enough to soar through the competition. There are multiple simple steps you can follow to ensure a good result. There are a few aspects that you should keep in mind regarding examination criteria before moving onto how you can prepare for NEET 2020. Before you take the real exam, you can try the online mock test for NEET first to build some confidence.

The examination is conducted annually. The student is required to have an academic qualification of 10+12th standard and to pass in their 12th standard in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English separately and is expected to score a minimum of 50% in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The eligible age to take the exam is 17 years of age, with the upper limit being 25 years of age with relaxations of 5 years for the SC/ST and OBC students.

You must also pay attention to the exam pattern and marking scheme. Before you prepare for NEET, you should know that the duration of the exam is 3 hours. There are 180 questions, 45 from each subject that carries 4 marks each. These questions come in the form of multiple-choice questions, and answering all is not mandatory.

It is very important to remember that there is negative marking for wrong answers, so for every wrong answer, you will be marked -1. However, not attempting a question won’t cost you any mark. The score is calculated by (total right answers*4) multiplied by (total wrong answers). In a competitive exam, negative marking will lower your rank considerably.

How to Prepare for NEET

Gather Relevant Syllabus

Now that you’re aware of the NEET Syllabus and Eligibility for the exam, you can move onto how you can prepare for NEET. First off, gather all the prescribed study material. Add on any notes made by you, your peers, or instructors as these may come in handy. Stay alert for any updated information.

Follow Standard Materials

Next, follow standard study material. Refer first and foremost to the prescribed literature before studying from any extra guides or textbooks. If you find any conflict between what the standard book and other sources are saying, stick to the material written in the prescribed book. NCERT books for all subjects are preferred by many top scholars and instructors.

Formulate a plan to study 

Devise a plan and a time table that allows you to study every day strategically. Space your time out for all four subjects. Pay attention to your strengths, but spare some extra time for your weakness too. Don’t bombard your time table with long hours of studying. Leave multiple breaks and time to relax your mind. Also, keep in mind the competition and plan the exam in a manner that gives you the upper edge.

Don’t Read all Topics – Read-only Necessary

Don’t study all the topics present in your books. Spread the topics out and find out which topics are truly necessary for NEET 2020. Make sure that if you’re referring to previous year question papers and books, there aren’t any changes to the syllabus this year. Understand the concepts instead of mugging them up.

Practice, revise, practice again

The importance of practice and an online mock test for NEET cannot be stressed upon enough. The logic is very simple- the more you do, the better you get. Mock tests are also the perfect opportunity for you to understand where you’re lagging and where you excel at, giving you time to evaluate what you should focus on. Negative marking is also a fairly new aspect for most students, and online mock tests will help you manage the number of wrong answers you opt for.

Take Mock Tests to Evaluate Your Knowledge

Mock tests can also prepare you sizably for tricky or twisted questions that are meant to confuse you. Prepare notes as you revise, so you can go through these notes when you need a jump start, especially with equations or reactions where you have to know every aspect perfectly. Practice and revision can boost your confidence too, leaving you with a clearer mind to tackle problems.

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet, and exercise routine. Don’t get into unhealthy habits and spend long hours awake as it will make you drowsy while studying, leaving not much capacity for your brain to absorb and retain what you have studied. Stay away from junk or foods that could make you sick during this time. Schedule power naps and time for you to destress and let your mind run empty for a while. Overloading it with knowledge all at once is not known to work effectively.

Have a Positive Mind

Maintain a positive and calm attitude. Know what your goals are and steadily work towards them. Do not panic under any circumstance. Be sure of your self and what you have studied and revised so far.


You have all the required steps, material, and time to start studying for NEET 2020. There are a few more aspects of the actual exam that you would do well to remember. NEET being an offline exam, there are few challenges. Bring a pen and pencil without fail. Remember that you have 3 hours to complete the exam. Go through the paper once before you begin answering so you can assess the paper. The bubbling of answers in the OMR sheet can be quite a time taking process, but make sure you increase your reading speed and make up for it, as if the bubbling is done wrong, it will be difficult to scan and you could lose marks.

All you have to do now is prepare, practice, revise and ace the exam.

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