Seeing is Believing- The Power of Eyes!

Seeing is Believing- The Power of Eyes!

People love seeing beautiful things. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Beautiful things offer a visual treat and people travel around to see the beauty of nature. Proper vision is essential to lead comfortable lives and problems with vision could be corrected easily using lenses and other surgical procedures.

Eye care is very important and today vision problems are on the rise even in young children. Some minor problems could be corrected easily without surgery. Optometry master’s programme is an advanced study which equip students to diagnose vision problems and prescribe corrective glasses. They are also capable of detecting eye diseases. As it is a master’s course the students are exposed to precise techniques used for correcting vision related problems.

Who Can Apply?

Students who have passed the undergraduate optometry programme from a recognized university can take up this course. This master’s programme is a two-year programme which help students garner deep insights into vision related problems. Only limited number of seats are available and students who apply for the course should clear the entrance examinations and interview. The selection is strictly based on merit.

The Course Design!

Those who would like to get a specialized knowledge can take up this course as it offers knowledge on sub specialities of optometry. It is an advantageous situation for students as they are taught by expert faculty members who are renowned in the field. Hands on learning, intensive teaching methods are adopted so that they gain a deeper insight. As they are the primary health care providers in the field, they need to have an in-depth knowledge on the subject. With course completion they are able to diagnose and prescribe corrective lenses.

A student can choose the specialization of his choice and many specializations are offered. Rigorous theoretical training and hands on exposure is advantageous for students as they could start working after their course completion. Optometry master’s programme is sought after as it guarantees personal growth and a rewarding career. Opportunities are plenty in the field and it is not a strenuous job with extended working hours.


Most colleges offer placement assistance and they could work as vision therapist, neuro -optometric rehabilitation professional, low vision specialist, orthoptist depending on their specialization. They can also work in research and development wing or could work in contact lens manufacturing companies. Academic professions are also open to them. So, it is a field offering a diverse range of opportunities. Most students draw an initial salary of 8 – 10 lakhs per annum and it increases with experience.

Students can also go for their higher studies after their master’s programme and enjoy teaching at various universities. Doctoral programmes are also available for students from the field.

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