Know About Six Sigma Certification and its Applications In Project Management

Know About Six Sigma Certification and its Applications In Project Management

Certifications are the best way to upgrade your skills in changing your domain. People working in the corporate world strive hard to change their career path and also in getting a new job or promotion. Lack of skills can be a reason. In today’s time when the corporate world is full of people, to stand out from the crowd, one has to have some unique skills. This can be easily achieved by going through certification courses from time to time. One such course is six sigma certification.

The course revolves around the techniques of improving the business process by reducing the deviation and errors in it. The six sigma implies 99% accuracy. Business processes must operate at this efficiency in order to satisfy the customers. Since customers are the most valuable asset for any business, sufficing their needs and adapting to the change is very important. This is the reason why this skill and certification are highly asked of.

The curriculum of six sigma certification online in India includes various tools and techniques like:

  • Project Charter
  • Regression analysis
  • Process Map
  • Tools like Minitab
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Voice of the customer and converting them to the quantifiable entity that is critical to quantity, etc

There are various levels of certification. The basic level starts from green belt certification where the applicants are taught about the DMAIC process. If one wants to get the knack of the concepts and dive deep into to methodology, they can go for black belt certification. At this level, professionals get a chance to work on live projects as well.

The application of the certification can be seen in various fields right from FMCG to insurance. Business process improvement is needed in every industry nowadays. In project management, one has to take care of the process and its nuances to meet the customer’s expectations. With these certifications, the professionals can work with the top management of a company.

The benefits of the course include:

  • Enhance the value of the employees
  • Good job profile and increased domain practices
  • Handsome salary
  • A lot of opportunities for growth
  • Universally accepted and demanded skill, etc

In today’s time technology has penetrated the education sector as well. The professionals can go for this certification while working as well. One of the best organizations for applying for this course online is ISEL Global Education. The trainers have years of experience in this field. They help the individuals at the personal level and take their careers to a new height of success. The rates of the course are nominal. It is a two-month course followed by a small objective test.  Do not have second thoughts, apply for the course and get marvelous results.

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