Some Beneficial Apps for Teachers

Some Beneficial Apps for Teachers

Since the advent of computer, technology has been seen as a utopia for cheaters, tricksters and fakers across the world. Especially, in the field of education, technology is influenced in the doubtful hands with higher frowns at the globe of online essays mils, forged degrees and leaked exam papers. 70% of teachers want to use latest tool to enhance their teaching methods.

Both technology and education cannot be detached from each other. Joining interactive technology with educational subjects has been proven to advance learning methods and encourage more disruptive methods than clutching just traditional text-books and a set of idiot cards. Moreover, technology has many other advantages for teachers such as more convenient, safer and better communication.

Here is the list of the most Useful Mobile Apps for teachers who want to enhance students’ education. These apps also helpful for teachers to organize their students’ attendance prepare lectures and communicate with students.


ORATARO is a smart communication platform for students, parents and teachers with a real time update on Class Activity, Homework, Circular, Academic Calendar, Progress update and group discussion for brainstorming and other project work within a class or at a school level.

The super smart features of ORATORO will reinforce the scale of teacher and parent interaction and will influence more involvement of both in advancements of the child’s education. The App allows the School to create content categories/sub-categories as and when they wish facilitate communication between Students, Parents and Teachers. This facility is not available among the other school App available on the Market. ORATARO supports all types of digital content including all document types e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, Videos and Photos.


This is the most flexible apps for making notes and other documentation. In which you can type or write notes on notebooks and form into folders inside the app. It also assists you to illustrate PDFs, which can be awesome for assorting student papers. Furthermore, notability also facilitates to audio recordings as well as taking down notes meanwhile. So, you can acquire reading conference with students to examine their reading fluency with the audio recorder while writing down the records on your ipod.
This app is useful in terms of the work flows that tutors and students can create in order to recapture, clarify and present work. If teachers installs s shared folder with their class and through Google drive, then students can easily access their notes, interpret them and push them back to their teacher via personal shared folder.

Explain Everything

This is very adaptable and outstanding reciprocal white board and screen recorder. It can be utilized to introduce information to students in a visually intriguing way. This app is helpful for students to learn and submit their projects independently or in a group. Teachers can create effective interactive lessons, activities and presentations and tutelage with the help of this versatile app. Furthermore, you can embed various multimedia documents like power point, PDFs, pictures, video and audio file into your programs. It also facilitates sharing your projects using various media such as ORATARO, Drop box, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, and YouTube and One Drive.


Evernote is a splendid directing app for teachers. Its immense range from preparing a subject to presenting a lesson plan to grasping comments after class. It expedites you to formulate notes, take photos, make to-do lists, record voice reminders and make these notes fully searchable student would be absent in a class. This device is useful for students to cope information introduced in a school and the way teachers share it.

It is applied for making student portfolio, subject instructions, classroom arrangement, writing down details of meeting and exams. This is useful for teachers in many ways. They can research and assemble many resources without wasting time on entire reading each and to determine if it is worth printing or looping.

Teacher kit

Teacher kit is a peculiar organizer for teachers. It lets the teacher to arrange classes and students. It’s easy and distinctive application aids teachers to pursue the attendance, evaluation and conduct of students. Teachers will be capable to obtain summaries of attendance and customized grade book records, manage behavioral data, parent instructions and much more. One most entice aspect of this device is the ability to hold all your records for each class individually. And you can create as many classes as per your requirement. Just clicking on a student’s photo, a description of that student will appear which includes attendance record, notes, classroom behavior personal information and marking.

This is an impressive tool to get students overall performance in a just one click. Plus, by clicking on the grade alternate of the app at the bottom of the screen, it lets you to catch the title of the assignment, entire interpretation, a date and other record about the assignment you will get.


Edmodo is a comprehensive featured social learning mean devised to connect and integrate within the educational field. It is a social media network which assists with the students, tutors as well as parents to use and interchange information regarding education. It consorts and connect, share content and acquire homework, school circulars and grades. Generally, teachers use this device as an online blackboard and inbox. Teachers can enable to connect with students if they are out of the classroom or students are not present.

How ORATARO helps you?

The ORATARO is a cloud based technology who assists teachers, parents and students to acquire latest technology. They provide all relevant information about how to utilize above mentioned devices.

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