5 Ideal Geography Apps for Primary Students

5 Ideal Geography Apps for Primary Students

If you are in search of innovative and creative methods of teaching your students geography, then you do not need to take the stress and apply these evaluated and assessed geography Mobile Apps quintessential for a classroom of homework. Those are:

  1. Britannica kids-volcanoes
  2. I Am learning KS2 geography-entertaining and engaging game
  3. Flightradar24- Learning made easy and enjoyable
  4. Geo Challenge- Learning games for kids
  5. Rocks HD- interactive with photos and diagrams

We will understand in this blog how these apps are beneficial for students in their study.

  1. Britannica Kids: volcanoes – This app is especially established for students aged 8 to 12 that provides a perfect way to pass the topic of volcanoes to your class. The images, timelines, games, puzzles, interactive maps and video implications can definitely motivate students regarding this topic. The jigsaw puzzles, framed by stunning graphics of volcanoes lead students to crack the puzzle and have some enjoyment by shaking tool and then reassemble pictures back to their original place. Additionally, kids can jumble images of volcanoes in the magic square game by waggling their device and face the challenge to rearrange the square to unscramble image.
  2. I am learning: KS2 Geography – I Am learning KS2 Geography an interesting and attractive game based emendation evaluation device. It is ratified to enhance the achievements as per creator’s website. Absorbing interactive games with official educational data and resolve around 1100 distinctive questions, this app lets users to approach effective revision anytime, anywhere including all important topic areas making revision fun. In which two reciprocal games included football and whack money are nice fun and leads the learners accomplish the revision parts. The app is easy to apply, well introduced and organized directly to the educational sector.
  3. Flightradar24 – This app is helping to set bookmarks to be capable of quick navigation towards your interested location. You can watch planes move in real-time on comprehensive map. Simply point your device at a plane in the sky and you can simply find out where it is going, exact area and much more. Flightradar24 offers a challenge learning environment to the students as well as parents. The perfectly presented app can really strengthen the learning of countries, capitals and map reading.
  4. GEO Challenge – The Geo challenge app offers students a fun strategy of learning about geographic details. The app provides an accumulation of games that help kids understand easily about a geographic area. The whirring globe empowers students to search about countries and details such as its flags, population, capitals, cities and much more. The app maintains the user profile recording and also available in two languages. In this app user instruction and mounting can be modified in details.
  5. Rocks HD – In this app the alignment of rocks and minerals considered by simple text, images and correlated diagrams. The photos are distinctive quality and transparently present the apt diagram. At the end of each portion, each student can take quizzes and answer to them.

ORATARO is one of the best education apps. Sunsoft Eduware Solutions offer a variety of apps for students by which they develop their education. Also, teachers can improve their learning system by adopting most suitable apps.

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