Tips to Speak English Fluently without Hesitation & Confident

Tips to Speak English Fluently without Hesitation & Confident

As an individual who is not doing great in English speaking, you will have a fear of communicating in the crowd. Even if you speak in broken English, you will end up embarrassing yourself in the crowd. You might be learning English with the help of the tutor, but you may not be practicing it as much as you must. Native English speakers always face issues when it comes to speaking in English, but that does not mean you will never try to learn or practice.

This article presents you with some effective methods on how you can improve and speak English fluently and confidently without hesitation.

Read Texts Out Loud-

One of the best ways to make your English fluent and speaker confidently is to read out texts loudly. If you can read a book or text clearly, then you can correct your pronunciation without any errors. The more you practice the fluency of the language, you can expect. If you feel nervous to read in front of others, then read aloud at your home when no one around. Pick a book or magazine and keep reading a few pages daily. You can even record the same to present it to your tutor, who will correct you if you end up making mistakes.

Take up Coaching Class

Whether online or offline, taking up English speaking coaching is the best way to bring fluency in the language. English coaching classes offer complete support to students wanting to make their English fluent. One of the best things about English speaking coaching classes is you are trained personally. From giving ideas to practice to correct your mistakes, you are assisted in every step. Moreover, you have options to choose between online and offline coaching classes.

Speak in Smaller Group-

Another best way is by practicing English in a small group. One of the benefits is you can share mistakes or stories of miscommunication with each other. If your group is close to you, it can make you feel comfortable. You can connect with the local community centre, college, or library for the conversation purpose. If you are attending a class, then you can approach your classmates to be a part of your practice group.

Making Friends with English Speaking Expats-

If you are working for a company having expats as co-workers whom you can communicate in English, you might find it hard in the initial stage to communicate, but once you get the mojo, you will get the best tutorial from them. Do communicate with them daily to bring out the fluency in your language.

Do not go Overboard-

The faster you learn English, the more the pressure you will put on yourself. Never pressurise yourself to learn anything and break into smaller steps. You need to change your goal and make plans to practice in a better. Every week, re-evaluate your goals to see if you need to increase or decrease the amount.

Avoid Procrastinating-

It is quite natural to procrastinate, especially when you do not feel certain about things you are doing. Here are a few steps to stop procrastinating-


Trying scheduling when you practice English. Inform your friends and family about the program and make them ask you at the end of every week what you have learned.


Every week reward yourself that you are progressing and stick to your schedule. This reward will certainly motivate you by giving a tangible look whenever you do not feel like practicing.

Bottom Line-

If you follow the points mentioned above, you will learn How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation. The process will take time, but it will be rewarding.

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