10 Points to Discover before Starting a School Franchise

10 Points to Discover before Starting a School Franchise

If you are opening a school, then opting for a school franchise would surely be an obvious choice. This is simply because parents trust a renowned school brand more than any standalone one. Thus, when you plan to start a school, look for school franchise opportunities as it is a more lucrative proposition. However, there are still many points to discover before starting a school franchise, such as:

  • Experience: While starting a school in India, it is extremely crucial that you associate with a trusted name in the education sector. For this, look for the number of years the franchisor has been operating and franchising.
  • Research: You must research the credibility of the school franchise brand, and for this, the social media serves as a perfect tool. Scour through the Facebook, YouTube, official website, etc.of the franchisor as well as speak to other franchisees to know about the entire system.
  • Core Team: The top management of the school franchise India will be your future leader that drives the whole organisation. The management members or promoters must be actively involved in the whole process and must be approachable.
  • Infrastructure: Non-uniformity in school infrastructure showcases a non-serious approach of the franchisor of school franchise in India, reflecting that they canmodify the terms and conditions to please the franchisee. Uniformity in school infrastructure and design is a good parameter to judge the vision and approach of the management.
  • Support: Find out about the support system provided to the franchise of schools in India by the franchisor relying on their years of experience. The franchisor should help you in finding a suitable location, setting up the building, recruitment and training of teachers and staff as well as provide technical support for website designing and digital marketing, etc.
  • Finance: Find out about details of the financial aspect, including hidden costs and additional charges when you open a school in India through the franchise system.
  • Contractual Aspect: Thoroughly read about legal compliance and contractual aspects so that everything is clearly stated for both franchisee and franchisor.
  • Dispute Solving: How does the franchisor deal with any dispute or disagreement is an important point to discover. The franchisor should be responsive and amicable in solving problems if any arises while opening a school in India.
  • Territorial Demarcation: There should be adequate space between two branches so that there is no competition from another franchisee of the same brand.
  • Future Plans: Find out about the access to its latest innovations, options for upgradation if required, the impact of its future plans on your school, etc.

This may be daunting for you or any new entrepreneur, so to overcome the overwhelming situation, you can seek the assistance of a reputed school consultant in India, such as Shri Educare, which has years of experience and expertise in providing advisory and consultancy services in setting up and running reputed schools in India.

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