Study in Canada: A guide for international students

Study in Canada: A guide for international students

Canada is brimming with opportunities for growth; both in professional life and otherwise as well. It is one of the preferred study destinations for students all across the world. No wonder, the country has more than 90 universities offering three levels of degree: bachelor’s (usually lasting four years), master’s (requiring an additional year or two) and doctorate (usually an additional three years). Presenting a compact checklist if you also aspire to be in Canada for your higher education –

  • Canada is known not just for its world-class universities but also for colleges, around 150 in number which offer short courses and diplomas. There are many specialized career colleges also that help the students prepare for a specific vocation.
  • The application process for Canada Student Visa starts only when a student finalizes the University or college as well as the course. The application process for the same will depend upon the institution or the province chosen by the student.
  • Generally, students should start the application process one year prior to the course start date. The earlier a student applies; more will be his or her chances of getting selected.
  • Every student needs to be clear about two aspects before applying for Canada. The first one is English language proficiency and second is having sufficient finances which a student needs to show in his or her Application.
  • English and French are two popular languages in Canada and most of the Canadian universities offer courses in both languages. So every student needs to show language proficiency in either English or in French.
  • The main tests that are acceptable by Canadian colleges and universities for English proficiency are – Test of English As a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) or Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL). If you happen to take any other language test, the acceptability of its score will depend upon the college or university you have applied to.
  • Some educational institutions in Canada ask students to take a specific language assessment test before being accepting your application. In that case, the student needs to sit for the same.
  • While filling the Student Visa application, a student needs to file these documents along with – the original letter of acceptance from the university; a valid passport/travel document, your recent passport-size photographs (two in number), certificates specifying your name and date of birth; proof of financial support during your studies and a letter of explanation.
  • Students need to keep in mind that the first thing after receiving an offer letter from a college/university of Canada is to deposit 10,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) or more as GIC in Scotia Bank Canada or ICICI Toronto. Your student visa application will be considered only if includes the Fee payment receipt along with other documents.
  • Students also need to note that even if they are going to Canada for a study program that extends to more than one year; they need to show their financial support proof only for the first year. However, that doesn’t mean that you show only the exact amount needed for the first year of study and stay. For safety purpose; it is better to show at least 10 or 20% more as a buffer in your financial requirement proof.

Getting a Canada Student Visa is no child’s play. In fact, the toughest part is to select the best college or university. Most of the time students lack the knowledge about various scholarship and funding schemes run by these educational institutions. That’s why it is advisable to take the expert help of a professional and committed team like Canam Consultants if you are aspiring to be in Canada for higher education.

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