What Support Features are Required to Run a Nursery School Franchise
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What Support Features are Required to Run a Nursery School Franchise

What Support Features are Required to Run a Nursery School Franchise

Best quality school brands agree to associate with those people who possess the same vision and resources as them. This association is made in the form of franchise. The franchise is nothing but a school having the infrastructure, teaching facilities and activities exactly similar to the parent brand. Thus, to become the best school franchise, the business owner needs to have all the items in following list checked.

  • A dedicated building : Best school brands lay out specifications as regards to location and size of the property. If the property is already developed, it needs to be renovated according to the branding guidelines of the parent school. Thus, to begin with, the property owner must fulfill the building and land criteria to apply for becoming a nursery school franchise in India.
  • Affiliation to the approved boards : Parent school can help in getting the franchise affiliated to the boards they are following. There are various boards running in India. For example, CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, and so on. Affiliation to any of these boards is necessary for winning the trust of the parents and sticking to the norms laid by the main brand.
  • Teaching curriculum support : What happens inside the four walls of the premise of a school sets it apart from its competitors. The teaching procedures, classroom proceedings, project work, group interaction, etc. are some of the highlighted teaching features included in the curriculum. To take on the role of the best school franchise, the business owner needs to hire and train the teaching staff according to the procedural requirements paid down by the parent brand. In fact, the brand extends support in recruiting and training the teachers according to the standards followed by it.
  • Branding and advertising support : To become a successful nursery school franchise in India, one needs to be aggressive in promotion strategies. The franchise needs to cut through the competition while working in line with the branding strategy of the main school brand. The brand can provide with banners, pamphlets, brochures, school uniform, stationery, etc. to bring authentic experience to its end users through the franchise. The franchise owners can have readymade copy, templates and space for advertising to spread the word while staying true to the brand’s values.
  • Day boarding facility support : Some nursery school brands provide the day boarding facility too. These brands have a cohesive and well-coordinated workforce to ensure safety of the child and comfort of the parents. They also provide facilities like meals, resting space, activity area, etc. to help children extract the best benefits of the day they spend in the nursery school. A franchise has to compulsorily follow all the norms laid by the nursery school and pass the test of reliability and quality service.

Apart from these, the support staff and helpers working in franchise are also supposed to work in tandem with the brand’s guidelines. That is why; their training is also carried out by the brands to present the mirror image of high quality brand to the parents coming to nursery school franchise in India.

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