Can Technology, Execute Student’s Curiosity?

Can Technology, Execute Student’s Curiosity?

We have seen many innovations and ideas came into the world. They are coming from the root of curiosity. A child has a lot questions to know different things of the world is called curiosity. As we grow-up, our tendency of curiosity shrinking. Power of curiosity motivates a person to do something extra-ordinary. That is the reason; schools today are adopting new Mobile Apps. By this approach they awake students’ curiosity and give the chance to create new things.

We have many illustrations around us, how Newton and other scientists have innovated new equipments and new thoughts. A person cannot go further without curiosity in his/her mind. But today we have come to standstill because no longer eagerness and uninterested people. India is the place which curiosity and innovation is praised and admirable. But what happens, why it is not more admiring. Is it shoved into the darkness of unwillingness?

It is statically proved by this chart that technology has tremendous advantages in education sector.

The reason we insist so much for curiosity is because curiosity is the inspiration for any new innovation. And we know creativity exerts the engine of this world.

I think it is absolutely right said by Leo Burnett that “curiosity about life in all its aspects”. Creative people are not created by their born their eagerness makes them great.


Even this is the age of fast technology; we do not put our share in that. That is why students are taught with the same manner as before 5 years they were taught. They just are grasping bookish knowledge. But now schools concerned about these disparities and are trying to meet ideas of new technology.

We have heard from our forefathers that education makes a person capable to understand different and new things. Therefore technology is essential in education. New generations will take its advantages and open up their mind to look forward and eagerly observe and catch new ideas.

What should do in this situation?

Introduce Technology first of all include technology in a classroom for students and observe that what students exactly grasp them. Encourage students to develop their creativity. Lead them to become a proficient in the world

Skill of Teaching – it is not enough that what is taught but how it is being teaching is a matter.

Implementation – present new technology in the classroom and teach students its uses and advantages. By this, they will get an actual idea about new tools and activities. This keeps them busy to pondering more and more in the technology world. Teach them, uses of internet and realize about the world has no limits.

Integrate Technology – Let them to join with technology to know about what actually a technology is! Because if you just taught them, it distressed them.

Follow Online Programs – students learn and understand much more by this technique even though something from out of the course. They got more interest in learning and love to study. By this way, their curiosity will also arise about online learning.

How ORATARO is useful to implement technology in school?

The ORATARO brought out a bright future of students by presenting latest online technologies. By this, students learn more than bookish knowledge. It provides the best technologies which become helpful for students to grow up as an irreplaceable part of the world.

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