How Technology Is Improving Educational System in 2019

How Technology Is Improving Educational System in 2019

Like the other fields of life technology also influenced the educational sector in a positive manner. The improvement in the educational system is a hot issue nowadays, and technology is playing its role in the bettering of institutional structure.

Nowadays, educational institutes are using both kinds of hardware and software technology to enhance the learning level. On the other hand, technology also ensures equal educational facilities for people of distant and distinct regions. In this article, we are going to discuss how technology is improving the educational system in 2019. To explore technology evolutions in the education system must read this article thoroughly.

Online Education

The rapid increment in the users of the internet and smartphones the opportunity of providing online education is also increasing. Though it is not as compelling as using social networking sites but still doing a great effort to attract education seekers attractively.

Notably, technology made access to education for rural areas, and students from remote regions don’t need to pay high costs for travel and other expenses. Now, they can get their lessons from KG to high education at their smart e-learning devices at home. In the same token, digital literacy also helped educationists to deliver online lessons; that’s why universities are offering several online courses.

However, if we talk about the barriers of online education, then it is hard to examine either an online course or degree is genuine or not. In this regard, we would suggest the students verify either their online institute has a valid certificate or approval from the government. For you ease, we are also mentioning some certified and well-known universities who offer online courses.

Liberty University Online — If you are looking for an online university with cheap tuition rates then Liberty University should be your preference where a variety of bachelor’s, doctoral level and master’s programs are being offered.

University of Florida Distance Learning — With 300 online courses, University of Florida Distance Learning is known as one of the best institutes in the United States. Their master’s in the business program got 1st position in various surveys and reports. UF usually ask for $130 per credit hour, but their distant learning courses are outstanding with thorough management systems of digital education.

University of Missouri — This university also offers near about 90 online courses in their distant learning category. On the other hand, if you want to get lectures from the same campus teachers, then Mizzou should be your first choice because here you get lessons from same campus professors. Mizzou also provides three different online course systems including Sakai, Blackboard and Moodle and students are free to select one education system according to their choice.

Penn State World Campus — With $400 to $500 per credit hour fee, Penn State World Campus sounds like an expensive option. But if we talk about the education quality, then you can consider it among the top online course providers of the world. Penn State is offering online courses since 2000, and their on-campus professors give the lessons in online classes that is a significant advantage.

Boston University Online — If you are looking for the best online programs in technology, criminal justice and business management, then Boston University should be your first preference. Their per credit hour fee is about $465, but it is reasonable to get a valid certificate in computer sciences or criminal justice.

To Maintain Students’ Records

Though it is common to keep the marks and other students’ records in computer systems by different universities. However, blockchain technology would play a significant role to maintain the documents in the educational sector in the upcoming years. The use of blockchain technology in record keeping will also eradicate the chances of invalid marks, typos and human errors.

On the other hand, shortly, blockchain technology is also going to transform the way of keeping the certificates of students. Yes, with blockchain technology, it would also become straightforward to explore either a digital degree of a particular student is original or not. Withal, many renown universities are already practicing blockchain technology in record keeping, but you will see its more benefits in upcoming years.

Personalized Learning

In the past few years, the interest of students has been in personalized learning as compared to typical classroom learning. The use of technology is meeting this desire of learners within some clicks. Personalized learning doesn’t only provide the desired lectures to students, but it also enhances the understanding capacity of students with online videos, graphs and other hi-tech tools. You can also access any lesson at any time and place.

Exam Management

The use of technology didn’t only transform the way of getting an education but also provided excellent support to educational institutions and their managements. Now, educational institutes don’t need to follow extensive procedures to conduct exams. With the help of online exam systems, it has become effortless for teachers to evaluate the performance of a single student, especially when it is about multiple choice and evident kind of questions.

On the contrary, universities and other institutes can also save their logistics’ expenses because of remote exam programs. Yes, AI-based remote proctoring technology empowers the educational institutes to conduct exams without logistic infrastructure and staff support. Many universities are already exercising this technology, but you will increase in their demand at a worldwide level.

Improved Communication

Educationists notice that introverts wouldn’t be able to explore their exciting ideas among more expressive extroverts. To end this biased culture of expressing ideas, technology is playing its role in a very appropriate manner. Technology is giving equal opportunity to all shy and bold students to share their creative work and ideas with instructors. As compared to within-class activities, it is convenient to share ideas in the form of recorded videos, presentations and written content.

In short, technology is transforming the education sector with rapid pace, but with a variety of pros, there could be strong chances of misuse of the technology by students. However, to avoid the misuse of technology at colleges, universities and schools, technologist and relevant authorities must play their responsible role. It is also a liability of students to use the technology honestly.

If you think we miss anything important in the clarification of how technology is improving the education system, then you can comment below to make us correct.

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