Can Technology Reconcile the School-Parent Communication Gap?

Can Technology Reconcile the School-Parent Communication Gap?

Communication problem is a big issue all over the world. To overcome from this situation technology is used presently. Schools are using the technology of mobile apps to manage this problem. By these apps, they render all important information to the parents. Schools mobile apps are helpful for parents to being closer with school activities as well as their wards.

Parents view on School Mobile Apps Technology– 87% of parents say that effective execution of technology is essential for their child’s success.

Teachers view on the implementation of technology- 92% of teachers’ ingress content, resources and other materials.

67% interact with students and 57% interact with their students.

Fundamental factors:

  • Parental engrossment towards ward’s school is declined
  • Time is a big issue for parents
  • Growing number of actual time by using school apps
  • School apps are used to reduce the communication gap between educational institutions and parents
  • It is used to decrease the communication gap between parents and their children as well

OrataroToday, we know it’s an age of competition that is why people have to work hard in their occupation. Because of workload, there are a lot of people who cannot watch out their children all the time. School mobile apps are advantageous for those parents.

  1. Current time is the big issue for everyone. We know around us many people say frequently they have no enough time. So this is the key reason for people are not paying full attention on their child. Furthermore, they cannot attend schools’ extra activities and cannot interact with teachers regarding their child’s progress.
  2. School apps are blessing to these parents who cannot easily interact with teachers and schools. Moreover, it is growing number of real time in schools. By using school mobile apps, schools’ administrative and many other activities will be sleek as their time will be saved.
  3. School app is a good platform for educational institutes and parents to interact with each-other. Using these apps, schools easily send negotiations to parents and get their reviews in no time. Additionally, parents can deposit fee with this technology and maintain a schedule for their children’s school activities.
  4. Technology plays a vital role to eradicate a communication problem between parents and their children. Especially by coddling the parents in their wards’ school life.

Why you should prefer ORATARO for your child’s best education?

The ORATARO is a cloud based technology platform that renders schools with communication solutions. It helps teachers and parents to interact with each other.

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