‘Challenges’ That A Teacher Faces On Which No One Thinks About

‘Challenges’ That A Teacher Faces On Which No One Thinks About

We all know about the struggle of students but we don’t know that how much efforts an educator actually puts every day. It is easy to say that the teacher is not teaching properly but we are not aware with the actually story. Till now, we all are just looking to our kids’ point of you but not their teachers. To know anything better, it is must to go through with both sides’ view. Let’s go through with some of the points:-

What teachers actually do?

They actually read more than a learner does on daily basis. Each day they are putting more time on adopting new things to make their students more advanced. Even though, they have so many responsibilities to do but they believe that teaching on a good note is their first duty to do. In fact, even if they get then also they don’t take leave because it can affect the studies of many students.

How much efforts they put?

Every day they are putting their 110% to make all the candidates’ future bright. Even they do activities and fun things in class rooms to make their all students a better learner. In fact, they give extra classes from their own time to weaker learners or slow once. So they don’t feel backward at all in any term.

Are they getting paid enough?

Is it true that they are getting the real wage of their struggle and hard work? Even after giving their all strength and power entire month, they are not getting their actually pay which they deserved. In fact, they can’t even take any action because if they do anything then it can come to their job. Teachers can just pray for something magical to happen in their life at least once in their life.

Is they are getting the appreciations?

No, they are not getting any reward which they should have. Sometimes, a teacher feels very low when they put years in making many future without even getting a single reward or certificate. Even some goodies or hampers can give them a little satisfaction but there are many schools that only focus on students only not their mentors.

Truly students are respecting them? 

Is actually all students are giving their teachers the respect what they exactly deserved? No they are not; some of them just show false respect in front of the educator. Some even don’t bother to do that fake behaviour and disrespect the mentor on their face. Although, there are some students, who actually respect their educators a lot and which give them a nice feeling of being a teacher.

How they are actually managing their expenses?

It is almost impossible to manage the monthly expense in small salary. It makes them so helpless and emotional that even after putting so much of efforts they have to ask for help financially. It puts them in asking money from friends that is not at all a good idea. As it can spoil many relations and make them feel so bad also.

Teachers have their personal life too

It is true that teachers are for students and they can do everything for their better results as well as career. But remember, they have their own personal life. Maximum efforts and minimum payment cause several sorts of difficulties in their daily financial activities.

Overloaded expenses, multiple debts, very bad credit score and many more form those difficulties. However, just like they improve their financial condition by using external funding sources like very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK, they also improve the academic behaviour of their students too. We just think about them personally too.

To close……..

Teachers work so hard every day to make the future of many children. We all should respect their work.

In fact, the time that they give for other kids is speechless. Even they are not getting the pay what they actually should get that is why they have to move towards loans.

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