The Importance of Well round Education in Kuala Lumpur International School

The Importance of Well round Education in Kuala Lumpur International School

If you want your child to be prepared for the competitive world, providing a well-rounded education is the answer. While core subjects are necessary, students need more than the basics subjects to succeed in life. To give your children the real knowledge which is not restricted to books and exams (eg:- environmental education) from childhood can do wonders and help them to understand the real meaning of success.

What is a well-rounded education?

A well-rounded education is a necessity where students need to learn how to integrate various skill sets in order to succeed. A well-rounded education consists of balanced education which helps students to be active globally aware 21st-century citizens.

Benefits of Well round Education

  • Students who tackle a broad subject have better-developed life attributes, such as creativity, ability to communicate, collaborate and persistence, etc.
  • Students get a more positive outlook on learning
  • Exposure to well-rounded education develops self-control, able to cooperate with peers, less violent and aggressive responses.
  • Students who receive a well-rounded education tend to have higher cognitive abilities.
  • Students adapt to life challenges easily
  • It helps students to explore different passions that arise throughout life and pursue them.

As per the researchers at Columbia University

  • Students who had arts-rich experiences had higher overall GPAs, better developed creative thinking, and a positive attitude towards school and learning.
  • Adding 50 minutes of Music into daily lives can help students to outperform math tests.
  • Adding 20 minutes of physical activity help students perform better 
  • Studies who have graduated from institutions that offer an all-around education enjoy more success at college and in life. They are more likely to receive scholarships and grants, get into top universities, land higher-paying profiles, and enjoy prosperous careers 

Almost all professions and careers require candidates to be out-of-the-box thinkers, which can best be cultivated through a well-rounded education.

If you want your child to be successful, thoughtful, and great contributing members of society, it is important to enroll them in Kuala Lumpur International School that provides well-round holistic education. 

A well-rounded education in GIIS

At GIIS well-round education consists of involving unique and innovative teaching mechanisms and strategies to create a positive outlook towards learning and promote the overall development of students. Teachers help students to create goals and ambitions for themselves, which becomes an integral part of their life stimulating focus and concentration. 

 By enrolling your child in Kuala Lumpur International School, they will receive a well-rounded education in the form of summer camps, sports, dance, music, and other enriching activities.

At GIIS students are given the freedom to pursue the arts and sports without it hindering their academics which results in developing creativity, team effort, physical strength, and mental toughness. 

GIIS provides extracurricular activities and unique opportunities which help students in developing unique skills such as Leadership, critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, time management which are some of the “real world” skills. Trying new things helps children become more confident. Taking part in extracurricular programs expands their social networks and improves their socialization skills with different groups and communities.

Parents who wish their child to become all-rounder individuals with strong, resilient characters with amazing intellect and skills must pursue institutions that offer learning environments that foster such growth. Putting your child in Kuala Lumpur International School will be your investment in the child’s future that will pay off later. 

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About GIIS

GIIS has set a benchmark worldwide with its curriculum as the best programto and best teaching methodology. Their vision is not only to become the Best International School but to set global standards with their education approach & learning methodologies.

There is a constant assessment to deliver quality education. Attending an international school that has a world-class education system is an enriching experience for students. The best international schools not only teach their students to think out-of-the-box but also focus on strengthening a child’s cognitive, interpersonal, creative, and physical development.

Benefits of Kuala Lumpur International School

  • Individual attention
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Multilingual
  • STEM Education
  • Global Perspective
  • International Curriculum
  • Personality Development
  • Higher Studies
  • Career Opportunities

GIIS offers all this at a very transparent school fee structure. Check out the link below to know more about Kuala Lumpur International School Fees.

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