The Destiny of Education Technology

The Destiny of Education Technology

The system “bound creativity” and skill to innovate when concurrently “standardizing” all students with no curiosity for independently. Although, with evolving technology has made across the globe and into the classroom, it sounds the tables are whirling.

Because of the limitless entrance, everyone has to learn via the cloud, there is no such technology. Splendid progress has been and is being, created, but the advanced teacher is always thinking onwards.

The question all early acquirer/ creative teachers must be thinking is:

What is after in education technology?

As we know that educational technology has improved the way for information giving and absorbing. To forecast the future, we must review and learn from the past.

Revolutions in education have had modest commenced. From the arrival of speech and arrangement of language, teaching is mainly audible like in the early Greek academies where memory and listening those two were the only devices needed for recall. The acquirement of paper in the 1st century in china represented transcriptions was becoming possible and information could be noted apart from students’ mind. Fast advance 20th century and the auditory era which brought an embracement of radio, projectors and computers. This indicates that not only level of information modified but also the speed, and albeit limited obtain.

Recently, in 2016’s the method of education has occupied the form of mobile tools. It is said that the particular smart phone today has more ability than the computer that has introduced the first solar mission.

So, what does the forthcoming decade of education technology seem like?

The approach will become of ultimate importance. The capacities to reach the details will surplus any tool medium. The usage and ingress to “the cloud” will design it a global library of different kinds that is not only utilized for individual music and video concern, but educational comprehensive collection and improvement.

This shows that school apps will enhance to become prevalent without drawback to mere smart phones that the students apply furthest of the classroom. They will redeem the workbooks of elder.

The social feature of education will also be affected by the intimate of technology. Since, the traditional system restricted any modifications in the educational progress; technology in the future will motivate creativity by creating learning about the superiority of knowledge and perceptions over authority.

For tutors, this shows more separate learning for their students as they acquire more control over their own development. The teacher’s responsibility then becomes not someone to offer acquire to the details essentially, but a promoter and guardian of the instructions set to, and selected by, the learner at any given stage in their particular learning track.


Admission to information and participation will be on the mount in the future of education technology. The conventional role of educators as the only path to acquiring information will extremely change and will put the burden on the learner to decide for themselves how boost up their development is. In reward, the student will turn from an obedient spectator to a pro-active candidate.

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