2015: The Time Span of School Mobile Apps in India

2015: The Time Span of School Mobile Apps in India

As we know mobile industry emerging in the global market. Smart phones are approach to the many fields. We became familiar with smart phones and its various apps, even children are also aware of these apps. It is surveyed that 80% internet users having smart phones currently. We use These technology in our routine profession so one question arrives in mind why children remain from its benefits?

Especially in countries like India, where smart phones and cyber users are not so moderate but increasing rapidly. It is obvious that School Mobile Apps are going to escalate in the near future.

Orataro App

Leading substances are:

  1. Web switches into app standard
  2. Enlarging occupies large number of smart phones to open the way for mobile apps in India In India
  3. 75% growth rate measured in the mobile industry
  4. Mobile apps for schools and parents upward tendency
  5. India is curious for applying mobile apps in the education sector

When we access smart phones, we used to surf the internet to satisfy our eagerness regarding study and used different websites to acknowledge by new things. So it is the reason why 21st century can be tagged as “decade of world wide web”.  But the situation was changed after the entrance of smart phones. It looked as stalemate. How it increased it seemed that the second decade of the 21st century was denominated as the decade of smart phones.

There is a reduction in the number of websites because more uses of Smartphone. In India, a young generation is turned towards smart phone that is why mobile apps are largely undertaken by them. It becomes result to decline of websites after 2013. Numbers of smart phone users are increasing rapidly and therefore use of ORATARO Apps provided by companies are also increasing. In India many people take advantage of these apps and especially the young generation by that reason, if schools and colleges undertake this technology it will be advantageous for students.


According to research India is supposed to be the second largest smart phone user by near future. Moreover, a ratio of having 3-G connected people is also increasing simultaneously.

People are generally deliberating that school apps are worthwhile only for study, but actually school apps consider more than that. The following bodies can acquire benefits by this app:

  • Teaching institution-  Having the latest technology and can motivate students for innovation
  • Parents- Convenient to interact with teachers and fee deposition issues
  • Faculties- Presenting technology, which augment expertise in related work
  • Students-Are keen and eager to experience new technologies

Western regions have already implemented this app while India is still inferior in this sector, but achieving 75%CAGR in the mobile apps market2, India performs enormous prospects to boost up.  As we perceive from the above discussion that school mobile apps have numerous uses. It is studied that 50%parents promotes this app to improve their child’s education and 32% agreed to approach this technology and obviously it is acceptable to make their future bright. It is true because they also gain much from this technology one is time saving and other easy depository of fees.

How orataro helps you to acquire this app?

The ORATARO App is a well-known communication platform in the education industry. It reduces distance between teachers and parents and makes them augment. There are tremendous changes done in the world of school mobile app.

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