The Ultimate Stationery Supply Checklist For Your First Year of College

The Ultimate Stationery Supply Checklist For Your First Year of College

There’s no running away from the fact that there are various stationery items, which are required by most college students in the first year. Although technology has evolved much as a game-changer, still it is important for every college student to have a few accessories that will be helpful during the preparation of notes and stuff. In this feature, we have jotted down a list of the best stationery supplies, which will help you feel organized and be hands-on with your work:

  • Pencils

When it comes to college supplies, one can never deny having pencils around. After all, everyone drools over having creative looking pencils. Especially if you’re from the creative industry, it will be hard for you to understand the different concepts without drawing them. Ensure to go through the different styled pencils on the web before cementing the decision to purchase from a certain website. Secondly, if you lay your hands on the mechanical pencils, you will have a pretty nice experience of working with them. 

  • Pens

Simply put, pens come in a plethora of red, black and blue colors. No wonder, pens are all over the place and will always be by your side. Especially if you have to write long essays or prepare notes in every lecture, a pen will give you a seamless experience of jotting down everything. Furthermore, if you want to make corrections to the documents or sign them simply, having pens in your pocket will be a very helpful experience. 

  • Highlighters

If you want to add a sparkling effect to your work as a certain filter on your photo, highlighters will be highly beneficial. After all, the more the color, the better the excitement. Highlighters allow you to underline the important concepts and keep a hold of them. Instead of focusing on just a few colors, you can buy a pack of highlighters for best results. So whilst you are looking to dial a stamp on the web, you will also get a chance to sift through a list of different quality highlighters online. 

  • Planner

Get rid of your phone and try to rely on your efforts a little. Get a planner right now to ensure that every priority is right in front of your eyes. A happy planner can easily help you accomplish your goals on time. Especially if you’ve got the mids or the final exams ahead of you, having a planner by your side will be a breath of fresh air. Now that planners are being prepared with a plethora of designs, one can rest assured about finding one, which is designed according to your needs. 

  • Notebooks

A college supply without notebooks is like an empty glass of grape juice. All of us need fresh notebooks to jot down the important points that are taught in the class. Secondly, once everything is written, it can easily be revised, when one comes back to their home and begins to study again. Therefore, to fill up those brilliant thoughts, one will need fresh notebooks In their bag.

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