The University Of Alabama: What Do You Consider The Worst Thing About Your College? Why?
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The University Of Alabama: What Do You Consider The Worst Thing About Your College? Why?

The University Of Alabama: What Do You Consider The Worst Thing About Your College? Why?

The primary purpose of going to college is to get an education and get a good degree. It can help someone get a good job and keep up with the growing competition in the market. The right knowledge can help you explore the depths of your ken and understanding of how things work.

With the right education, you can even attain your ability to learn and master your desired subjects. Apart from the proper qualification and getting a good degree, there are other reasons why colleges matter so much.

One such reason is getting to explore youth’s challenges and get the right moral support from people with like minds. Hence, colleges also help someone fulfill their moral and social needs.

However, despite all the merits, there are several things with which most people are disgusted. They are decided based on the most frequently reported issues. They are as follows.

1 Clashes of Opinions

There are all-prevailing differences in beliefs amongst college students. Some of them are too wide even to meet halfway. Things like equality to gender, acceptance of people belonging to the third gender, political opinions, religious ideologies, etc.

Numerous topics are so intricate that not many people commonly come to a single conclusion. The issues, at times, become debates and grow into bigotry between students. Besides, these concerns are more prevalent and often take harsher turns amongst teenagers than adults of the later age groups.

2 Clashes of Culture

Many students from across the globe, namely from China, Japan, Indian, and several European countries, attend College & University in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and other parts of the USA. Thus, colleges are more of heterogeneous cultures. These things give ways to intolerance amongst the ones born in and brought up within the country.

One of the most reported problems is racism and cultural intolerance. Some such issues are seen in the lack of interaction between the outsiders and the country’s citizens. However, the instances of discrimination are also seen in mobbing against and physically harassing international students.

Also, pupils sometimes form groups or close kinship with those who follow or adhere to a particular religious or social background.

3 The Cost of Education

One of the things on the rise and at the peak and upsurging every year is the cost of education. The tuition fee, in particular, is the most daunting when describing college expenses. May students often discontinue their schooling, take jobs that can help them contribute to the college fees.

This way, they pursue an education in the desired field. In most cases, students have to take loans to pursue their education. The worst part is that it usually takes years for the repayment for the college fees.

4 Unprovoked and Unreasonable Instances of Aggression

As pointed above, there are several reasons why people form teams and cliques. However, there are several instances in which senior students pick up some students. There are recurring and usually progressive instances of ragging.

Ragging is denoted as an illegal act against some students in which they are made to feel threatened and insecure. It can be either using opprobrious language that is direct or practical, ragging in which some students are subjected to manipulative tasks.

Another similar phenomenon is bullying. In bullying, some students get targeted to verbal mockery or physical battery. Bullying gets worse when it turns into mobbing. Mobbing is an extreme form of bullying, in which a group of people targets the thus perceived harmless target.

Ragging, bullying, and mobbing are some of the most troubling concerns that the oft-targeted students, at times, do not even continue with their studies. They are even known causes for suicides amongst college students.

5 Parking Fees

It may not sound like a big deal; however, several students express concerns about parking fees. Students like commuting with their mode of transport like motorbikes and cars. Parking these vehicles involves using a dedicated parking spot.

The car parks are also graded in terms of the nearness to the college. To get the car park, which is the closest to the college, can cost a high yearly fee. Getting one that is not so close to the college can add time to the students’ overall commute.

Despite the availability of car parks, most students are not happy with the fees they have to pay.

6 Difficulty In Getting Scholarships

Getting a scholarship is an assuring way to continue with education. However, many students express concerns about not being able to get one. Some students are even of the opinion that scholarships are meant for students for a particular ethnic group.

Many students have to discontinue their studies midway due to the lack of monetary support. Hence, the scholarship is essential.

To Conclude

These were some common grievances most students from College & University in Tuscaloosa, Alabama report.

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