Things To Consider While Designing A College Management System

Things To Consider While Designing A College Management System

Until a few years back, the entire system of management of large educational institutions and colleges was solely based on a manual and computer oriented process, which was intricate, and time- consuming. However, with the rapid and continuous development of technology, the new college management system shows some remarkable improvement over previous systems. The new college management system is utterly based on ERP (Enterprise resource planning).

These days, a new ERP based software system has been introduced to the colleges, which will successfully combine and integrate all the relevant functions within a college and bring uniformity of actions. This new college management software is very compact, coherent and effective. However, it is also true that majority of colleges are yet to implement the new integrated system, many popular colleges are incorporated the new ERP systems in their colleges and are benefitting by this system.

There are many upsides of this new ERP based college management system. Firstly, such a system has the capacity to bring the entire college under one roof, so that no work of any department goes neglected and accounted. The core aim of the new system is to utilize all the resources within an organization. Therefore, it is true that this system will lessen the workload of various departments and functional branches by converting many tasks into computerized jobs. This system also reduces the paperwork; hence the entire management costs is also brought down.

Vidyalaya College management system is a very well known and accredited college management system used by various colleges and institutes all over the country. Many colleges are earning the benefits and coherently managing their activities by using this Vidyalaya College management system.

Nevertheless, if we want to get maximum benefits by this college management system then we need to consider certain things while we are planning to design a college management system.

  1. Connectivity and security: Since students, administrators, parents and teachers, can operate college management system it may often be that parents or may be teachers want to access data and information according to their convenient time. Therefore, connectivity is the prime concerned factor when we are in the process of designing. Balancing all these needs while maintaining security is another challenge, which needs to be addressed in the design phase. This includes where all necessity data is stored, what types of information should be accessible, who will get the permit to access it and many more things.
  2. Data recovery plan: A detailed disaster recovery plan should always be a part of designing. This plan should consist of provisions for backup power, what procedures should be taken if the network or server crashes etc. This recovery plan also includes when, how data is backed up, and where all the copied data are stored.
  3. Redundancy: Redundancy means there should be always a backup process during any critical condition. While we are designing a college management system, we need to take care of the backups.
  4. Growth: It is not possible to anticipate how large an institute or college may be after five years. Therefore, some allowances for future growth must be built into the system while we are designing a college management system.

Therefore, if any college wants to make all their operations and activities systematically and cogently then they should try to implement Vidyalaya College management system in their colleges without much wasting time.

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