Tips to Improve Kid’s IQ! Follow These!

Tips to Improve Kid’s IQ! Follow These!

Parenting is challenging. It, in fact, is something that keeps you on your toes all day. We understand that it can be very difficult to keep a check on everything your kid does. So, when it comes to raising children, it is better to implement a theory that is scientifically proven to work. A famous behavioral psychologist, Dr. Bryan Roche has shared very good scientifical advice in a blog post titled “10 ways to improve your brain health”. In this article, he has also mentioned three simple changes that can actually help raise the IQ of a child while improving their academic performance. 

Let’s talk about all these three things one by one – 

  1. Make a habit of consuming omega 3 fatty acids daily – Fish oil along with other sources of Omega 3 is very important for the child’s growth and development. Omega 3 is actually known to improve brain function while warding off cardiovascular disease. Omega 3 is usually found in the breast milk of mothers but unfortunately, lacks in most of the infant formula available in the market. Infants who are fed Omega 3 are known to have a high IQ. Beyond infancy, psychologists also suggest that you should include fish, broccoli, and spinach at a very young age. In addition to these, you must also include walnuts, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries in your diet. 
  2. Talk to them & read to them – The more conversations you have with your kid, the more intellect they can build. In addition to having conversations, as a parent, you should also make it a habit of reading to your child. You can raise your child’s IQ by six points by spending a few hours at their young age and reading to them or simply talking to them. While reading tries to use different voices and emotions so that it engages your child. In between, it is even better if you start asking questions to see if they are understanding it all. 
  3. Take the help of professional guidance – Another very effective thing that you can do to improve your kid’s IQ is to take professional help. There are several different platforms like Quirky Kid, that can help you improve your child’s IQ to the next level. This kind of platform provides you with several workshops, assessments, and resources to help you figure out the ways in which you can improve your kid’s overall IQ. Improving your kid’s IQ at a very young age is very important to give them a full life. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your kid’s IQ, you must check out a platform like  Quirky Kid.

Bottom Line

These are the three things that if done by you can easily make a difference in your child’s IQ. So, if you are among those parents who are willing to build a strong IQ in their kids, these tips will definitely help you. All these points are scientifically backed by research. Every point mentioned above is technically designed to boost the knowledge and IQ of the child.

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